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Without selling courses or doing the blogging grind.

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In September 2017, I wrote a post about how I made $6500 that month as a full-time freelance writer.

In that post, I shared my breakdown of how I made that money and what kinds of work and clients I had to get there.

Two years later, in October 2019, I had my first $10,000 month!

While I have made a livable and decent salary since I started freelancing in October 2016, this was my first $10k month. I have seen many articles from people about ramping up and making $10k and more right away; that is not the case for me, and I want to show a view of the more realistic way freelancers can ramp up and raise prices and client quality over time to earn more money. …

Let’s look at your options.

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For the first time in the almost 4 years I have been blogging on this platform, Medium is now offering a degree of customization on your profile page.

While I will admit that part of the appeal of using Medium was its clean, easy standard interface, a little personalization is always nice.

I just played around with it a bit for my page, and here are the changes I noticed.

To make design changes, click on your profile circle at the top right of your account and select “Design” from the dropdown menu.

(It is not an “edit” button on your prole page.)

Changes You Can Make

Header Options

One big change is that you can upload a logo to replace your typed out name in the header. I tried this and preferred just having my name, but this is a cool new option if you have a great name logo design. …

Less “hack” and more actual good advice.

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I’ve written before about the top two ways to improve your writing skills, which you can read here. It’s solid advice and a quick read.

Those two things were specific to helping you improve your overall writing skills and comprehension, expand your knowledge and vocabulary, and broaden your horizons of other writing styles.

In this article, I am going to address some specific things you can do to improve your writing pieces themselves.

I put “hacks” in quotation marks because what I’m telling you isn’t really a hack — it’s technical skills and tips you can put to use to write better, more valuable articles (and books!) …

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