Yes! Thank you! I’ve been saying forever how writing and sales/marketing should go hand in hand!

Write great content, write what you want — and get it in front of people. Sales is not a four-letter word. It’s critical to being successful. If you think you don’t need to market yourself, you are setting yourself up for failure and disappointment when people don’t just magically discover you and give you money.

Every company sells. It’s why commercials and banner ads still exist. Everyone is selling a product or a service. And as a full-time freelance writer, I wholeheartedly know sales is what has made me a profitable and successful one from the first day. We have to treat writing (or anything) as a business.

I don’t think “click bait” has to be a bad thing — you do want people to click on your work, and then your writing must then back that claim up and be valuable and interesting.

Love your article, thank you!

Entrepreneur, writer, editor, book coach, cat lover, weirdo, optimist. Author of “Write. Get Paid. Repeat.” & “Concept to Conclusion.”

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