Writing is a Skill for Every Age!

Answering questions on Quora.

I enjoy Quora and I have posted a few of my answers here on Medium before. I do so when I find a question particularly interesting or if it is a question I am often asked.

This question was asked by a user named Kate.

Question from Quora: “Is being a writer just like being a ballet dancer where you have to be used to it at a young age to be good at it when you’re older?”

My answer:

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: While writing is a skill and can be learned and honed over time, it is not attached to age. There are good and bad young writers and good and bad older writers.

As with many skills, you can learn to write (or write better) at any age, it simply takes time.

I think one reason why this myth may be around is because good writers are ones who have something to write about. And many times, that comes with age and life experience, so it can seem like older writers are “better,” when really it’s just that you are more interested in what they are writing about.

More thoughts

You can always get better at writing. Reading is a big one! Read more, learn more, expand your vocabulary, and it will serve your writing well. Another is various writing exercises and stretching your creative muscles.

No matter your age, your writing can always improve and evolve. Don’t be afraid of working on it!

I consider myself a good writer, but always strive to improve and keep writing and experience life and read books so I can constantly be working on getting better.

What are your thoughts on writing as a skill?

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