Why I (mostly) Stopped Freelancing

And why I am no longer building my business.

Jyssica Schwartz


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I’ve shared my journey and story before, but I want to talk about the evolution of my writing and editing career and where I am today.

In 2016, I turned 30 and looked at my career — almost 10 full years in sales and marketing.

It didn’t fulfill me but it DID fill my belly and pay my bills. And there’s nothing wrong with that! I had a successful career in corporate sales and business development. I had good bosses and great coworkers, and I had opportunities to move up in the company.

But I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t enjoying it the way I wanted to.

And I’d always had a not-so-secret dream of being a professional writer.

As a kid, that dream looked more like being a famous author and doing book tours and seeing my books become movies.

As an angst-y teenager, that dream looked more like writing famous songs and emotionally devastating poetry.

But as a 30 year old, that dream looked simply like getting paid for doing my favorite thing — writing.

I’d had a blog since high school and I’d edited papers and resumes for many years, so I had plenty of writing samples and proof I could write.

What I didn’t have was professional experience as a writer.

So I became a reluctant entrepreneur.

This may sound shocking to some people — especially those who yearn to be their own boss and build an empire out of every skill, hobby, and side hustle.

In my case, starting my own business was a necessity — a stepping stone to get where I wanted to go — which was a career in the writing and editing field.

I just wanted to write and edit.

And I knew I could do it, I just had to prove it.

I wouldn’t be able to get a job in any company as a writer or editor at the salary I was making in my sales job. It just wasn’t possible without professional experience to point to.



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