What Would Make Me Quit Being My Own Boss

Would I go back to a regular full-time job?

I consider myself an “accidental” entrepreneur.

I did not grow up dreaming of being my own boss or starting a business.

Honestly, in my almost 10 years in corporate America before leaving to start my writing and editing business, I enjoyed having a job.

I liked the work, the stability, socializing with colleagues, and even the mandatory fun of work happy hours. I don’t LOVE the train, but never minded the subway commute to the city, and I enjoyed walking around in the city on breaks or after work. I had good bosses and a steady paycheck.

I didn’t leave because corporate America was crushing my soul; I left because I wanted to be a writer and editor.

With all my corporate experience in sales and business development and a non-writing-related bachelor’s degree, I simply didn’t have the experience to be able to apply for and get a full-time writing position at a company — especially not at the salary I was already making.

So, I used that sales and marketing experience to go out and get clients. I freelanced at night and on weekends and worked my regular job during the day. Until I got to the point where I knew I could make freelancing work full-time.

So, I did.

I quit my job and built up my writing and editing business. And now I’ve been doing it for 4 years!

It’s been fun, stressful, exhilerating, frustrating, fulfilling, and, at times, unstable, lonely, and isolating.

In these 4 years, I have achieved many dreams: becoming a published author (4 times over!), becoming traditionally published, mentoring and coaching new freelancers, meeting tons of amazing entrepreneurs, writing a comic book, becoming a manuscript editor, working from home, coaching authors, and so much more. It’s been a really cool journey — one I am continuing on and enjoying.

Would I Go Back to a Day Job?

The simple answer is yes.

I wanted to be a writer and editor. I was not necessarily looking to build my own empire. I simply wanted to love my work and be fulfilled and happy.

If, four years ago, I had been offered a full-time job as a writer or editor for a company, I would have jumped on it.

And now, I do occasionally apply to full-time roles I see online for jobs that look perfect for me.

I am not looking to shut down my business and would likely continue to take on freelancing clients, especially for book editing (my favorite!).

But in terms of stability, paid vacation, a 401(k), separation of work and home life, etc., having a regular job would be easier.

Not in all ways, of course. I’d have less flexibility and less opportunity to be creative, work on personal projects, add new services, and take on brand new clients and opportunities.

But there are pros and cons to everything.

And if a good opportunity came along and it was something I wanted, I would do it.

Part of being open and excited about new opportunities is also being open to non-freelance positions.

If it was the right fit at the right time, then yes.

If not, then no.

And either way, if I decided to leave a regular day job 5 years down the line, I will be fully secure and sure of myself and my abilities to be able to resurrect a full-time freelancing business!

Options, people! I love having options!

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