Top Books I Read in 2019

Top books, top authors, and my newest Medium follows.

Books can change your life. Books can also just be for fun.

In my work, I am reading nonfiction works all the time, whether I am helping people outline them, write them, edit them, or working with them to get published.

So, in my free time, I prefer to read for fun, pleasure, thrills, escape, and entertainment, and less for education. I also tend to read mostly sci-fi and YA dystopian lately.

I have Kindle Unlimited, so I get access to a bunch of books and authors I’d likely never have heard of without KU. But I also definitely pay for books I am excited about.

Here are my top 5 Kindle Unlimited authors, 5 books I’ve paid for this year, and 5 books I’ve edited this year.

5 authors I’ve found and loved through KU:

Jay Allan

5 Books/Series I Paid For & Loved in 2019

5 Writers I Found Through Medium & Really Enjoyed Reading in 2019

5 Books I Edited This Year (All Nonfiction)

  • A book about emotional and ambition quotients and using it in the workplace both as an employee and as a manager, identifying ambitious people and traits and how to manage and cultivate those traits.
  • A book called Holocaust’s Child, the stories of 10 Holocaust survivors who were babies/children during that time.
  • A cookbook that was a deep dive into dairy-free nutrition, allergies, and recipes.
  • A collaborative book all about entrepreneurship and leadership and building a business while staying true to yourself and your values.
  • A book all about the enneagram and personality types. Incredibly interesting and I’d never previously heard of enneagram!

Do you use Kindle Unlimited? Have you found any awesome new authors or books that you fell in love with this year? Who are your top medium writers? Share with the class!

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