The South Is Not “Rising Again”

And please, please stop saying it will.

I’m from the south, and I get that most people who say that “the South will rise again!” are really just trying to display pride in their part of the U.S., but there are some who truly think it will happen.

Do they not realize that saying that specifically refers back to the South losing the Civil War? The war that the southern part of the U.S. fought and sent young white men to die, to be allowed the right to continue to OWN OTHER HUMAN BEINGS?

The Civil War was fought over slavery. That’s it. When ignorant people claim that the South will rise again, they are saying that the southern states will come together and fight to own slaves once again (and win?).

What kind of ridiculous, backward thinking has to be in evidence to think that this is OK?

I completely understand that most people will claim that isn’t the case. They will say “Oh, I don’t mean we want to own slaves again! No, no of course not! I just mean that the South is really great and we deserve to be on top!”

What does that mean? Do you think that the bottom half of the eastern United States are somehow being held back? Are your conservative values being restrained somehow? You have the right to believe in and say whatever you want, you have a “conservative” president in the white house.

And at what point does it become “the South has risen”?

What needs to happen for this to be true? What circumstances would allow the southern states to feel like they “won” something? Would this be an all-in consensus or would half of the south agree that the South has been resurrected and the other half still be claiming it will rise again? Is there going to be a committee or something?

I just don’t understand. The confederacy lost. Slavery was eventually made illegal, and black men and women are equal in all ways to everyone else. AS IT SHOULD BE. Why does this bother you so much? I’m a southerner, and I never felt this way. My ancestors could fight and die for their cause, but that is not my cause.

I have my own injustices to fight for, my own causes and my own pride. I have pride in my family, my friends, my values. My pride is not derived from being stung by losing a war I wasn’t even in, and that I personally believe (and so does history) were fighting for the wrong side.

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