The Real Truth About Working Remotely

Dropping truth bombs about working from home.

I am a writer. A full-time freelance writer and editor who can “work from anywhere.”

Well, anywhere with decent wifi, at least.

When people hear I am a writer or work from home, the top question I get is “What do you write?” Which is a trip in and of itself to answer — nothing you know, but I get paid those dolla dolla bills, ya’ll.

But the second thing I get is “Oh, you’re so lucky! You must get to travel all the time!”

Let’s discuss this.

Technically, I COULD travel anywhere (with good wifi) and technically I HAVE worked while traveling.

But those are two separate things.

First of all, I have my own business. That means I work many hours, mostly at home in my pajamas. I often work 10 hours per day or more, and sometimes I only work 2. Depends on my deadlines and schedule with my clients that week.

I have about 7 separate clients each with their own needs and tasks and time requirements.

Secondly, I have a husband and a cat. I can’t and don’t want to just leave and travel by myself everywhere and work elsewhere when my cat is at home and needs cuddles and constant reassurance of his place as king of our household.

Thirdly, we have bills to pay. It costs money to travel around the world and hippity hop from beach to beach (but near enough to a hotel for good wifi). I wouldn’t mind traveling alone sometimes (ahh, me, wine, and a book!)but if I still had to work a lot then it isn’t much of a vacation.

And if I’m going somewhere awesome, I want to share that experience with the hubs. Also, I get a lot of joy from making him try new things and experiencing new stuff together. Last time we went out of town, I made him ride a horse for the first time! It was so fun!

Fourth, I have traveled since becoming a work from home writer. I went to New Orleans on a girls trip with my best friend in all the world. I spent a few hours for 2 of the days we were there in a cafe with good wifi and great grits getting work done. Away from my bestie and away from the drinks and shrimp of NOLA.

I have gone to my brother’s house to see family and hang with the kiddos. I brought the laptop and got work done every morning before everyone was out and about.

Hubs and I took an alone-trip to the mountains last month. I brought my computer and worked about an hour a day, which is VERY little for me!

Here’s the thing. Just because I am going on vacation doesn’t mean my clients are.

Because in freelance world no work = no pay.

There are no paid days off in entrepreneurship or freelancing.

So yes, I truly could travel the world, just me and Trudy (my laptop), seeing sights and working from adorable hostels in crowded cities and living a nomadic life. I know other entrepreneurs who live this life, and it looks glorious and gorgeous and fun.

Photo by Adrian Infernus on Unsplash

In some ways, that sounds amazing.

For a little bit.

But I have ties and a family and a cat. I love my life here.

So instead, I work from home mainly. Sometimes I leave the house and go to the library or a coffee shop and pretend I am somewhere foreign while ignoring the hipsters taking up most of the tables and sipping on sugary confections that look mostly foam and not much coffee.

Even when I do travel, I always bring Trudy and still end up doing some work. And I’m okay with that. This is what I signed up for.

What about you? Have you worked remotely? What was your experience like?

Entrepreneur, writer, editor, book coach, cat lover, weirdo, optimist. Author of “Write. Get Paid. Repeat.” & “Concept to Conclusion.”

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