The New Facebook Design Sucks

I hate it. And I’m not the only one who does.

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In September 2020, Facebook completely changed and updated its browser user interface after many years of having the same general interface with minimal changes.

Facebook has gone through four redesigns over the years, and this newest and most dramatic one, known as F5 or “new Facebook” was announced at Facebook’s F8 developer conference on April 30, 2019.

Instead of the intended goal of highlighting and featuring events and groups, which Facebook says are the most-used features, many users find it confusing and annoying, including me.

As a note, you cannot switch back to the “classic” layout as of September 2020.

What makes no sense?

  • The new layout is NOT OPTIONAL.
  • It’s confusing and feels very “oversized.”
  • Of the 5 main giant buttons (navigation icons) at the top of the page, none of them are notifications — arguably the single most-used button and the one I need most. First time I saw the new layout, I clicked on the second one from the right in the new middle menu thing because it had a red thing with numbers, so I assumed it was notifications — nope, it was groups.
  • When you click on the “groups” button (which looks like a paw print), instead of seeing YOUR groups that you either created or joined, it starts off with a large list of suggested groups.
  • The top 1/3 of the new homepage layout is “stories.” I have never once watched someone’s story on Facebook. I use Facebook the way most people do — to see what people I knew from high school, college, and family members are generally up to and look at pictures of their pets and children.
  • I have a huge monitor and can still only see one post at a time. To see friend’s stuff, it is constant scrolling.
  • Some users are reporting issues with uploading photos — it makes the site crash or the photos just randomly disappear.
  • My new homepage seems full of more ads than EVER. The sidebar and every third post are ads. It feels crowded yet still oversized.
  • It feels like they tried to make the new desktop layout look and feel like a mobile layout, which is unnecessary and weird.

User Reactions

Many users are threatening to quit Facebook altogether and when you search for the “#newfacebook” hashtag on Twitter, it seems many people are unhappy with the new design.

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What do you think?

How is the new Facebook desktop experience for you? Do you like it? Why or why not?

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