The Most Important Questions You Ask Yourself in Your 30s & 40s

And the fun games that come with getting older!

Jyssica Schwartz
3 min readMar 30


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There was a period of about 3 years in my early 20s when I was not able to get health insurance. Obamacare didn’t exist yet, and I’d been on my parent’s insurance until graduating college. After graduation, the company kicked me off.

I applied for and was rejected by 4 different insurance companies due to “pre-existing conditions.”

To briefly explain, I went to an ER for what I thought was a stroke but turned out to be a special/fun “complex migraine” that required a super fun MRI. They recommended I see a neurologist after I feel better, gave me meds, and sent me home.

That ER visit happened on Dec 23rd, and I was officially kicked off my parents’ insurance on 12/31 at midnight.

Obviously, I did not get a chance to see the neurologist in that week, and that is what the other insurance companies used as an excuse.

Anyway, I went 3 years with no insurance, and overall, I was fine. I went to Planned Parenthood for some appointments, and overall just tried not to get hurt.

Ahhh, the joyful and painless days of youth.

That is not an option in my now mid-to-late 30s.

Hell no.

So, you might be wondering: what are these incredibly important questions I should/do ask myself?

Happy to tell you.

Do you or your partner play any of the following?:

  • What’s That Clicking Sound?
  • Why Is My Back Doing That?
  • Is <color> Normal?
  • I Don’t Think That is Supposed To Bend That Way…
  • Did I Sleep On It Weird or Did I Hurt Myself?
  • Why Did I Hate Naps As A Stupid Child?
  • When Did I Start Sitting Down To Put On Shoes?
  • Why Am I Itchy?
  • Is It Excema or Allergies? (And the fun sequel: I Wasn’t Allergic Before…)
  • How Long Has That Been There?
  • Did I Fart or Do I…



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