Struggling with Infertility: Starting IVF

The meds, the myth, the legend…

Jyssica Schwartz
7 min readNov 26, 2018


I have long been a big proponent of speaking out on difficult topics. I feel like the more we talk about something the less taboo it becomes.

For me, this has resulted in talking about having diagnosed anxiety and how I cope with that, struggling with isolation as an entrepreneur, writing extensively on the #metoo movement, and most recently, talking about my struggles with infertility.

I want to talk to you about what is going on with me right now.

I started my first IVF cycle last week.


My husband and I are on the most expensive health insurance plan his company offers. Part of the reason we picked it is that it had the best coverage for prenatal and maternity care.

However, this major national insurance (United Healthcare) does not offer ANY coverage for fertility treatments — not even helping with the cost of all the medications.

I looked into whether we could get off the company insurance and purchase private insurance through UHC which WOULD have fertility coverage — technically, I could. BUT it would be FAR more expensive AND HAD NO PRENATAL OR MATERNITY COVERAGE. UHC specifically said their private plans had no coverage for pregnancy. Freaking ridiculous.

So, that was not an option.

We had to pay completely out of pocket for fertility treatments and medications.

Emotional Rollercoaster

Trying for a baby and failing for so long (almost 2 years) is a constant rollercoaster. I was tracking my cycle and ovulation (so romantic!), peeing on ovulation strips, getting bloodwork and tests done (with no reason showing why I can’t conceive!), and then feeling devastated every month when I got my period.

Starting to work with fertility doctors almost a year ago helped that feeling of anxiety and loss of control because at least we were doing SOMETHING, you know? Trying to figure it all out.

I got tested, Husband got tested, I got tested a crap-ton more.

Fertility Treatments and Money



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