So, having multiple clients and projects at once can be tough with timelines and deadlines, but things like daily and weekly to-do lists and putting tasks directly in my calendar helps a lot with that. I have 3 book edits and 3 monthly clients right now. It can be a lot sometimes, but also means when one of the edits are done, I still have plenty to do.

As for marketing, it’s fairly straightforward; even if you find it uncomfortable, it is one absolutely inescapable part of being a freelancer. People generally won’t magically find you, you have to go out and find them.

Most of my current clients are referrals, but in the first couple of years, I would find new clients by responding to ads on sites like ProBlogger, Writing Axis (it used to have a better layout), Craigslist, and other job boards. I also would reach out directly to people via email through their site, DM on Instagram, and messaging on LinkedIn, introducing myself and explaining why I’m reaching out and how I can help them. You have to be proactive.

Here are a couple of helpful resources:

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