Review: Ketoned Bodies Keto Meal Delivery Service

A totally honest review with positives and *gasp!* negatives, too.

Update on 2/28/2019: I have recently received several messages stating that Ketoned Bodies has recently been getting many negative reviews from customers not receiving orders at all after placing orders. I have not been aware of these issues and recommend ALL people do research and read reviews before ordering from this or any company in order to make an informed decision. I reached out to a customer service contact I’d previously spoken to and the person is no longer on staff and I was unable to get any clarification on these issues. I also attempted to call the number listed on their website but it is disconnected. I did find this link which shows they may be trying to sell the business? For now, I would say to STAY AWAY from this company.

Update on 3/15/2019: This company has closed down.

Update on 11/25/2019: Ketoned Bodies reached out to me and let me know their company is back up and running and said this:

“Earlier this year Ketoned Bodies had to close down temporarily to address some of our logistics issues which have been resolved now, as well as a complete shift by the founder, who after reading about the omnivores dilemma made a decision to protect the integrity of our meals by using regenerative agricultural products. To this end, we are partnering with a leader in the industry. Regenerative Agriculture is a way of farming and grazing that helps reverse climate change. In fact, it does no harm to the land but improves it. It’s a dynamic, holistic approach to farming with the goal of increasing food production, restoring degraded soil, improving the water cycle, and improving the local economy.

We have renewed our efforts to providing the best customer support and service, including the quality of our meals and delivery to various destinations.”

Original Review

Earlier this year, I tried and reviewed the Green Chef meal delivery service. It was a cool and interesting experience. In my ongoing quest to find lazy-girl hacks for the keto lifestyle, I have now spent the last couple of weeks trying the Ketoned Bodies meal delivery service.

And of course, I am blogging about my experience.

Ketoned Bodies was founded in 2017, so it’s new and has a cool chef, Paul Winberry, Jr., who was the sous-chef to the winner of Top Chef Masters on season 5, Douglas Keane.

The service is different from what you might expect, instead of getting prepacked, pre-portioned raw ingredients to cook your own healthy meals, each Ketoned Bodies meal comes individually packaged and precooked, much like a gourmet TV dinner.

I was skeptical, because who wouldn’t be? They look like TV dinners to me. How good could microwaved steak be? I was surprised by the answer…


Unlike the HelloBluePlatedHome and other services, Ketoned Bodies pricing is a bit more straightforward.

Each individual meal is $14.95, with an occasional one coming in at $19.95 (the ribeye steak). There are no different “meal plans” or pricing for different dietary restrictions, since they only offer the one keto/low carb style of meals.

That is $14.95 per meal, per person, and you can order them one at a time. This means for one meal for both my husband and I, the total cost comes to $29.90.

This can get pricey if you’re ordering 2 of each meal for 2 people, or 4 for 4 people, etc.

They do offer bundles which lower the prices and seem to offer specials and package deals all the time. They also offer free shipping on any order of 10 or more meals, which helps with the pricing and makes it more reasonable for me, as other meal delivery shipping can get a bit pricey.

Right now, their offers for package pricing are:

  • 15 meals for $165, making them $11 each
  • 21 meals for $210, making them $10 each
  • 84 meals for $800, making them $9.52 each

I don’t think the price is terrible and it is definitely comparable to other meal services per person per meal, but is probably a bit too much for me, personally, without the bulk discounts.


When you order your meals, there is a full current menu on their site showing every recipe/meal currently available and I have noticed that it does change and meals are either added or removed often.

The prices are clearly listed, as are the ingredients and nutritional information, and it helps that there are user reviews for each recipe.

Unlike my experience with Green Chef, where you order a specific package with a number of meals in it and you get no choice as to recipes, Ketoned Bodies does it so you choose the meals you want and add them to your cart and only buy what you want on a one-time basis. That’s it.

I enjoyed the convenience of the ordering process, being able to view and pick individual meals. But be careful if you are full keto, as some of the meals are higher in net carbs because they do also offer meals for people who are transitioning into keto. Make sure you check the nutritional information (clearly listed with the ingredients) before selecting.

I did have an issue with shipping. They offer free shipping on any order over 10 meals, which is great since I ordered 14.

When I ordered the 14 meals, I was sent the tracking number quickly and was emailed updates. However, the shipping took longer than I was told it was and it was a couple of days late and missing 2 of my 14 meals. I received 12 meals (6 different meals, 2 of each). I contacted the company and it was sorted out easily and quickly.

It may seem like I’m pointing out negatives, but I’m just trying to give you a clear picture of my thoughts throughout the process.

Cat for scale.

Then the box came! The box and packaging all seemed to be recyclable, which I like.

There are heating instructions and nutritional information on every individual meal. You can either microwave it for 4 minutes or pop it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30–40 minutes.

I microwaved a couple of them to try it and for convenience, but mostly heated them in the oven on a cookie sheet (2 at a time).

I found I liked them best heated in the oven.

My tower of 12 meals (6 different ones, 2 of each).

The first meal I tried was Curried Lamb with Mashed Cauliflower. This one was actually my least favorite. I found it to be somewhat bland and mushy. I was nervous about the rest of them.

The following meal was Grilled Ribeye with Bacon-butter Brussels Sprouts. I was nervous about reheated steak, but both my husband and I thought this was the best one! It reheated well, tasted great with good seasoning, and I love Brussels sprouts and bacon, so it’s hard to go wrong on this one. I was very happy with the quality and portion of the steak.

Grilled Ribeye with Bacon-butter Brussels Sprouts

The next night I had Chicken Stew with Italian Sausage and Mashed Cauliflower. This was one of my favorites. It was seasoned well, extremely flavorful, and the meat was cooked perfectly. The stew broth especially was great.

The next meal was Pork Chops with Sauteed Zucchini and Mashed Cauliflower. Again, the meat was really good and held up well to reheating. While I don’t usually like zucchini that much, this worked for me. That may be partially because I was not a big fan of the bland mashed cauliflower found in some of the other meals. Weirdly, the mashed cauliflower in this meal was delicious and seemed to be cooked and seasoned differently than the others. It was also soaked in the yummy sauce!

Pork Chops with Sauteed Zucchini and Mashed Cauliflower

Another meal was the Chicken Enchilada. This was the meal with the highest net carbs of all the ones I ordered, and I knew that going into it. But it tasted really good. The chicken was well-prepared and the sauce was tangy and had a lot of seasoning and flavor. This one also came with the same kind of bland mashed cauliflower.

The packaging and nutritional information on individual meals.

My final meal was Chili Verdes Chicken with Smoky Refried “Beans.” Their website says the “beans” are actually made of fried eggplant and bacon. The chicken thigh was absolutely delicious, as was the sauce. I was a bit confused on the texture of the “beans,” but I liked the taste! As someone who doesn’t like eggplant, they did not taste like eggplant at all and had a neat smoky and fatty quality from the bacon.


Overall, this was a positive experience for me. I am glad I tried Ketoned Bodies meal delivery service. It was really nice to have a good meal without needing to cook or prepare it. My favorite thing about all the meals were really the meats. All of the meat we had — pork, chicken, steak — was all very well-cooked and well-seasoned. Their website says they don’t use any factory-farmed grain-fed meats and cook all meals in a USDA-approved facility.

There are a few other meals I want to try from their site which were not available when I placed my original order, such as the Beef and Broccoli and White Pasta-Less Lasagna, and I chose not to try any of their breakfast options — I LOVE breakfast food but am not a big breakfast eater in the mornings and can make eggs and bacon myself in just a few minutes and for less than $14.95 per person.

I have some specific positives and negatives which I will list out below, but overall Ketoned Bodies was a positive experience with a wide variety of options if you have any dietary restrictions (keto especially, haha) or food preferences. I was happy with the variety of different meals offered when I placed my order. I was also especially pleased that it was NOT a subscription-based service.

At the regular price of $15 per person per meal with no minimum order or subscription, I can see it being an option. Especially since they freeze well and are easy to reheat.

My biggest concern was reheating meat and how it would taste, so I was very pleasantly surprised on how well that worked.

The Positives: They have a good variety of recipes and meals available at any given time; there is no subscription necessary; the portions were good, I did not feel overly full or still hungry after finishing my meal; the meals reheat very well and almost all of them were delicious. I personally think they taste better heated in the oven instead of the microwave; the meals froze well; they don’t use any factory-farmed grain-fed meats and this is again, more of a neutral to me, but it tasted good; easy and simple for meal prepping and eating; most of my meals were absolutely delicious; free shipping on orders of 10 or more meals; shipping is usually fast. *Their customer service was prompt and helpful.

The Negatives: The price is a bit high for what it is — a gourmet TV dinner, essentially (at regular price, the packages make this better if you’re planning on ordering multiple meals); it seemed as though the default side was mashed cauliflower, which I actually like usually, but it tasted bland in these meals. It would be better with additional side options; it is a bit odd to feel like I am eating TV dinners every evening; a couple of the meals were not very good; the breakfast options seem overpriced; I had a shipping issue and one meal was missing from my order (though this was fixed easily and could have been a one-time thing).

Note: I took pictures of each meal and nutritional information, so if you’d like to see those, here is an imgur album.

Have you ever tried a meal delivery service? What were your thoughts and experience? Did I get this one right or am I way off base? Let me know in the comments!

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