Random Stuff I’ve Bought Since Being Quarantined

A fun list of possibly wasted money.

So, as many of you, I am quarantined at home.

I live in NYC, where we have the most cases of coronavirus of everywhere in the US. Yay us.

My husband and I are working from home all the time. Together. Just us.

I’ve been working from home for 3.5 years now, and often would boast how I am an apartment troll who never leaves the house.

But now I CAN’T leave the house and I am going a little stir-crazy.

So, here is a list of random stuff I have bought since being stuck at home and quarantined.

I am not going to include groceries and cleaning supplies, as I think we are ALL trying to purchase those things right now.

The ONLY food-like product I’ll include is this — Premier Protein Vanilla shakes. I list these because they are delicious, filling, low carb, and I have one for lunch most days — both before and during the quarantine. I actually just reordered these the other day and they DID get delivered. OH! Wait, one more. I can never find the edamame spaghetti I like in stores, so I stocked up on it and ordered it online. It’s by Explore Cuisine and it’s delicious.

My Random Purchases

  • I bought a refurbished iPad. I have all android devices and am so starved for human interaction that I thought getting an iPad to facetime with my niblings and parents was a perfect idea. I got pre-owned because they are expensive and I literally only need it for facetime. My laptop and phone cover everything else.
  • After seeing the ads for the show a million times, I bought the book Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. I have not read it yet.
  • I went a little nuts with a few new board games. I got Battleship, and Throw, Throw Burrito (I already owned Exploding Kittens). I did NOT buy Monopoly, mostly because I’d like my husband and me to stay together. My friend just bought Munchkin and loves it. And I haven’t yet but I am seriously considering buying this random escape room board game.
  • I have been doing puzzles. I first got a couple at Target and discovered my dining room table is perfect for 1000-piece puzzles and no bigger. I like this one kind from Buffalo Games, so I got several more on Amazon. This one is a Thomas Kincade/DC Comics puzzle with Superman and Wonder Woman for $10. This is a Buffalo puz called Pete’s Gambling Hall for $10. And this one from Buffalo is called Small Talk. I don’t know why. It’s $12.
  • I recently bought this amazing art-deco-inspired cocktail dress and it fits me perfectly. I got it for an event in April that has now been canceled. But I feel pretty and shiny in it.
  • Bought this random Colourpop lipstick pencil thing because the shade (cami) looked pretty and I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews by makeup people on YouTube for Colourpop makeup.
  • I saw this migraine roller thing with mint in it on so many Buzzfeed lists that I finally bought one. The smell is really minty and nice and seems to work well on light-to-medium headaches.
  • Got a couple of t-shirts. I’ve been wearing this maroon “Nope. Not today.” shirt a lot and announcing to my husband, “What do we say to coronavirus?!” while wearing it. I also got this dark blue v-neck t-shirt and it’s very soft and comfy. Just a plain shirt and I like it.
  • Bought this apple slicer/corer thing because it cuts it into 16 slices instead of the normal silly 8. I like thinner, easier-to-bite slices and also I have an irrational fear of biting into an apple and losing a tooth. I don’t know why.
  • I got 2 cat toys. This Cat Dancer I got in a 3-pack for like $2 and my cat freaking loves it. This is supposed to be something cats can rub their faces on and relax and is $5 and my cat hates it.
  • Got this goo to clean keyboards, it works pretty well but is not really washable.

And that’s pretty much everything for now.

I’ll keep you posted. I’m sure I’ll end up buying more random stuff I don’t really need as this quarantine stretches on.

What have you boredom-bought this quarantine?

Entrepreneur, writer, editor, book coach, cat lover, weirdo, optimist. Author of “Write. Get Paid. Repeat.” & “Concept to Conclusion.” jyssicaschwartz.com

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