Positive Thinking & Mindfulness Books — for Kids!

How one author is making self-help & success ideas kid-friendly.

Matt Scott, author of the successful “Find Something Awesome!” children’s book series is about to release his fifth book. He is a Montana native, married with three beautiful young children. He has long been an avid reader of self-help and success books, always looking to improve his thinking and his life. He was inspired to create a series of children’s books to help kids learn as young as possible and in age-appropriate ways about the power of their brains and how there is always ways to find something awesome in life.

“I want to give not just to MY kids but ALL children — and as early on as possible — the knowledge and steps necessary to create true happiness and success. How? By understanding how our brains really work and how the world responds to positive thinking and focused imagination!” — Matt Scott

The first four books in the Find Something Awesome! Series are:

Mr. Scott is using relatable, exciting stories to teach kids concepts such as:

  • The power of their imagination to create happiness and success
  • How to focus their thoughts
  • How to turn negative feelings around
  • How to build a foundation of self-confidence
  • How to deal with challenges in a positive way
  • How to create inner happiness
  • The great feeling of true success
  • The power of mindfulness
  • How to develop problem solving skills
  • How to use visualization

By having questions and steps at the end of each book that parents and teachers can use to interact with the child to reinforce the lessons taught, children are really able to comprehend these topics and see how positive thinking can help them have a great life and see things in a whole new way.

Elementary school teachers and parents have been raving about the Find Something Awesome! Series. In fact, here is a review from one First Grade teacher in California “This mindful story encourages children to believe in themselves and to use positive self-talk in times of stress or trouble”

Other reviews include a clinical psychologist, parents, kids, and teachers from all over the country!

“Matt Scott’s fun approach to writing teaches the often-overlooked value of positive thinking! ‘Find Something Awesome’ is the building block that nurtures children’s self-image and overall sense of well-being!” — Monique Wilson, 4th grade teacher.

“I really like the questions after the stories. It’s when mom and I really get to talk about the books and what it was really about. Both books helped me to always remember my ‘happy’ thoughts and stay positive … at home and at school.” — Lincoln D., 7 years old.

“Matt Scott has found an enjoyable and engaging way to bring the important and priceless skill set of mindfulness and gratitude to the forefront with our children” — Christopher Loimo, MS Clinical Psychology, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

“We already read and enjoyed the first three books in the series, so I was excited to share this with my 8-year-old! It did not disappoint and was great and thoughtful on so many levels.” — Adrian Reilly, mother.

“I sure wasn’t taught this in school when I was young! I only learned about mindfulness as an adult and had to catch up. It’s great that kids can now learn this powerful tool…early in life!” — Donna Sozio, author and book coach.

Mr. Scott is on a mission to help children learn the confidence, mindfulness, gratitude, and positive thinking concepts that he didn’t learn until well into adulthood. He loves watching children see and understand these concepts and begin to immediately apply them to their lives.

With a fifth book in this series coming soon, he is working hard to continue bringing positivity and light to young people.

Entrepreneur, writer, editor, book coach, cat lover, weirdo, optimist. Author of “Write. Get Paid. Repeat.” & “Concept to Conclusion.” jyssicaschwartz.com

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