New Year, Same Me, New Perspective


Jyssica Schwartz
3 min readJan 7, 2022


The last 2 years have been…tumultuous.



And boring.

There have been flashes of normalcy and excitement — attending my niece’s bat mitzvah, being able to see my grandmother for Thanksgiving in 2021, being able to have Christmas with my in-laws (not without its own Covid scare!), and seeing my best friend in another state after 2+ years of not visiting.

Every year around the new year, I like to look back and revisit the year behind and look forward to the coming one.

This time, I feel…unsure about the year ahead.

Though I still took a moment to appreciate the one we left.

For 2022, I want to try something different.

Letting go…

I want to let go of some of the things that either no longer serve me or are harming me.

I want to stop beating myself up for gaining weight in quarantine.

I want to stop allowing myself to use “lack of motivation” as an excuse to not move and work out.

I want to stop holing up in my apartment and being a recluse and leave the house more (and make my husband do so, too).

I want to let go of the past (pre-2020) “normal” and just learn to accept what is, not what I wish it was.

I want to stop making excuses for not making new friends just because it’s different or a bit more difficult now.

Grabbing onto…

And I want to embrace better habits.

Waking up earlier.

Showering EVERY day?? (may not this one…seems like overkill when one doesn’t leave the house.)

Getting off the couch and moving more. More walks, more activity. No excuses.



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