The New Hulu App Design Sucks

I hate it. I hate it so much.

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Hulu updated it’s app this week after years of having the same layout, and while it’s certainly pretty, it has lost almost all basic functionality.

I looked it up on Hulu’s website, and NO, there is NOT a way to turn off autoplay. You cannot disable it on the new app.

Your Hulu app probably updated automatically, and you woke up to pastel colored translucent backgrounds. Which are…fine, I guess.

The real problem is that it’s basically useless.

Things Hulu no longer does:

  • Tell you when a new episode is available of something you watch.
  • Have a your “continue watching” list available with no clicks.
  • Show a list of “similar shows” on the same page as whatever you’re watching.
  • Make it easy to use.
  • Stop playing things after your episode is complete.

Things Hulu does do:

  • Show only one TV show or movie on the screen at once when looking for a list
  • Automatically play something completely unrelated that you’ve never searched for if there isn’t another episode of your show
  • Randomly jump forward 10–15 minutes after the a set of ads. This has happened to me almost every single episode of anything I’ve watched since it updated and I am not able to find anything that can explain it. Including Hulu support.
  • Still have a green app icon, completely deceiving you into thinking it’s the same and easy to use.
  • Have a “Home” screen that has none of your shows on it. You must click over to either “My Stuff” or “Keep Watching” (two different locations and two different lists!).
  • Take forever to load.
  • Require you to actually click 3–4 times to see if you’ve watched episodes of things (1. Click on the 3 dots of the show you want. 2. Click on ‘Go to Series Details.’ 3. Click on “Episodes” at the top. Scroll down and see, if in correct season, if not, change season then scroll.)
  • And for an episode description, that’s a 5th click
  • Make me hate it.

The new Hulu experience” is not intuitive, not particularly attractive, and is actually making me think about cancelling the service, even though I have been a member for several years and enjoy the variety of shows offered.

Ahhhhhhhhh, dang it. I cancelled cable a couple of years ago, and have happily enjoyed Hulu and Netflix in it’s absence.

This sucks.

Have you had any issues with Hulu recently? What are your thoughts on the update?

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