Medium Allows Customization Now!

Let’s look at your options.

For the first time in the almost 4 years I have been blogging on this platform, Medium is now offering a degree of customization on your profile page.

While I will admit that part of the appeal of using Medium was its clean, easy standard interface, a little personalization is always nice.

I just played around with it a bit for my page, and here are the changes I noticed.

To make design changes, click on your profile circle at the top right of your account and select “Design” from the dropdown menu.

(It is not an “edit” button on your prole page.)

Changes You Can Make

Header Options

One big change is that you can upload a logo to replace your typed out name in the header. I tried this and preferred just having my name, but this is a cool new option if you have a great name logo design.

You can now add a photo or image to the header of your profile page instead of it being only your name, short bio, and your small profile image. The image can be filled into the space available or shrunk to have the entire image in the space with empty space around it.

You can also make your header text solid or a gradient, so your photo can show through a bit more clearly.

In terms of your name and bio information, you now have the option to have the smaller default option of just have your name, follower count, and “about” link at the top with your short bio in the lefthand side of the page below.

OR you select the larger size and have your short bio up in the header with your name and the option to have it centered or pushed all the way to the left. Even with the larger size, you can select an option to have your bio on the left side of the page below if you prefer.

Color Options

You can now make the background of the entire page a color — very reminiscent of the MySpace or LiveJournal colored backgrounds. There are tons of color options.

There is also an option for an accent color, though I am unsure where that color will show up.

Font Options

You now have 3 font options for the following 3 places:

  • Titles: Specifically your blog article titles as displayed on your profile page.
  • Page details: Your name, bio, follower count, etc.
  • Body text: The text in the actual blog posts, including in the previews on the profile page.

The 3 options are Serif1, Serif2, and Sans-Serif1. You can see how each of them look before committing to any permanent changes.

Writing & Posting

The actual writing, formatting, and posting a story all seem to have stayed the same — which I prefer. I’ve written hundreds of articles on Medium and I like the ease of use and simple, straightforward process.

What do you think of the new options?

Have you personalized your page or do you prefer the default options?

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