Making Sacrifices for Success

What do you really have to sacrifice to be an great entrepreneur?

One of the Medium writers I follow is Jesse Kerema, and he recently wrote an article called “7 Not So Obvious Sacrifices You Need To Make Now.

I love the concept of this article, and it really prompted some emotions in me, so I came up with a rebuttal to some of his points.

My Thoughts on Sacrifices for Success in Entrepreneurship

While I strongly agree with letting go of things like toxic people, doubt, regret, and the “I wish” mindset, I don’t think you should have to sacrifice things like social media, hanging out with friends, Netflix, and things like that.

In entrepreneurship, it is super important to find a balance. When you work for yourself, it is extremely easy to work all the time and let the business consume you. Having a balance and stopping working late in the evening, and actually leaving the house are all important to being a regular, normal, functioning human being.

I am definitely a victim of overworking, because I love what I do and I want my business to be a success, but I also find I can actually be LESS successful if I isolate myself and stop remembering to do other things I enjoy, like watching TV, reading a good book, leaving the house, seeing friends, etc.

In my opinion, it should be more that you should let go of things like regret and toxic people, and the rest is great in moderation. Enjoy your life, but don’t let the non-work things overtake all the work things.

When it comes to sacrifices, I think it is also relative to each person. For example, you may not be a big book reader for entertainment, and may find that stopping doing that is an easy “sacrifice” for you, whereas I often read to unwind or while commuting or just as a break during the day, and I would find this to be a particularly difficult sacrifice.


In the end, Jesse and I share the same theory that you must eliminate or sacrifice some things in order to be a successful entrepreneur. Some of those sacrifices or risks are important and worth it, such as removing regret.

After all, mistakes happen, failure happens, learn from it and move on. It is not worth regretting it, as you cannot go back and change what happened. You can only learn from it and move forward a better version of yourself.

Others are things you’ll have to judge for yourself. Should you give up social media altogether? I’d say no. But at the same time, I would also say that closing out of social media to focus better on whatever task you’re working on is definitely useful for focus and not procrastinating.

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