Living Through Political Fear

We will get through this. We have no choice but to move forward.

Jyssica Schwartz
2 min readSep 29, 2017


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In this current political climate, when everything is a sound bite and it’s all hard to listen to and even if you voted for him, you had to have seen the cracks. In a world where we, the American people, though less than the popular vote majority, voted a man who seems to have never run anything successfully, with the sole exception of licensing his name out.

A man who has yet to do basically anything he promised (thank goodness), as well as continue to fail at everything he tries. A man who has become an international laughingstock and a huge liability.

A man who has not helped our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico. In case you don’t remember, PR is US territory now. Not a state, no one wanted to redo all the flags or anything. And other reasons, but mostly the flags.

Donald Jeronimo Trump has us damn near at war. He is openly taunting a nuclear-capable country led by an egotistical tyrant — wait, that’s starting to sound familiar…

Donald Jehoshaphat Trump is opposed by EVERY LIVING PAST PRESIDENT regardless of affiliation. The Republican party themselves are splintering into groups of those who actually still want to uphold traditional Republican beliefs, and people who are following Trump because….well, why the hell not? He’s president now, so maybe he’ll give someone completely unheard of and unqualified a cabinet position. Oh…wait….

He’s the worst. He has professional-grade narcissism, diagnosable by a fourth grader with whom, coincidentally, he also shares a similar level of vocabulary.

Donald Jezail Trump is an embarrassment. What you have is an over-70-year-old man talking openly about sexual assault (ew), wearing tight white shorts (double ew), can barely string a coherent sentence together, is STILL holding rallies, lying about things we can all see and hear, blatantly lying every day, hiding his money, not paying taxes, giving tax cuts to the rich, and REPEATEDLY trying to kick tens of millions of people off their healthcare plans….maybe you have to stop and think.

We are the problem.

We elected him.

We didn’t do enough to stop him.

We laughed when we should have cried.

We cringed when we should have been vocal.

We marched but not in time to stop the election.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll have to say is again:


He doesn’t care about anyone except himself.

That’s why he keeps talking about how he won, even though it’s been almost a year. Because it is literally the only thing he has accomplished.



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