Life Lessons From My Mother

And how they helped me build my business.

Jyssica Schwartz
5 min readMay 9, 2019


Mom and I at Wolftrap in DC for a show last summer :)

My mom is awesome. And so is yours. And yours.

We all love our moms.

Thinking back over my almost 33 years of life, I can pinpoint specific lessons I’ve learned from my mom — and how they have related to building and growing my business.

In honor of Mother’s Day and in honor of my mom, I’d like to share those top 7 lessons with you! We can learn from moms together.

Lesson #1: Stay True to Who You Are

My mother is a true example of loving yourself and staying true to who you are in life. She is uncompromising in her beliefs and her confidence and she makes everyone feel like they matter. She is a strong proponent of being confidently yourself and not listening to what others think.

Mom passed that confidence onto me, and it has allowed me to live very happily not caring what others think of me. Some people may not be supportive of you being an entrepreneur or may not understand it. That doesn’t matter. Your confidence in your skills and abilities is the most important factor when starting a new business. You have to believe in yourself even when things get tough.

Lesson #2: Do What Is Right

My mom had a poster that hung in her classroom which said, “What is right is not always easy and what is easy is not always right.” To this day, she lives by this motto; she is the most ethical person I know.

The easy way is not always the best way to achieve your goals. In business, there will be times when you have the chance to take shortcuts or do things in a way that could help you reach goals faster — but may cost you more in the long run. Staying ethical and doing the “right” thing, even when it is difficult, is what will allow your business to gain trust and credibility with your clients.

Lesson #3: Surround Yourself With People You Trust

My mother is the type of person who will invite strangers to the Passover seder, adopt a grandfather she found needing help at the supermarket, and open her heart, wallet, or home to those who need help. Those first two examples…



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