Life is a Pre-Existing Condition

It honestly hurts my soul that they are voting on a bill that makes being abused, being raped, and born with defects pre-existing conditions that can be denied coverage.

In a country where 1 in 5 women are raped, and preventative and abortion services are being blocked, we are being punished SIMPLY FOR BEING BORN FEMALE.

And they aren’t a fan of transgendered people either (North Carolina, looking at you), so you’re born female, clearly THAT’s a defect, and you stay female, and hey, we don’t want you leading our countries or having control over your own bodies, so why don’t we just live in Handmaid’s Tale?

How can it be 2017 and we are actually moving backwards? How is this possible?

How can you be a male republican in this day and age and push for MORE conservative views, LESS freedoms.

How are we accepting a president who seems to be out of touch with actual reality, doesn’t know why the Civil War happened, hasn’t kept a single campaign promise, and has actually laughed at people who assumed he would. A man who signed an executive order (those same things he railed at Obama for signing now and then) to allow NATIONAL PARKS to possibly be developed.

The worst part is that he is so crazy, so ridiculous, so dumb, so over the top, that it is all desensitizing us.

This is it. We are witnessing the beginning of a dictatorship. This man has threatened a government shutdown if he doesn’t get what he wants. He called any news he doesn’t agree with ‘fake.’

Enjoy life now, especially women, because we are on the brink of a dystopian future, and suddenly reading those books is not so enjoyable.

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