Learning About Makeup Through YouTube

Confession: I’ll be 32 next week & I’ve never worn foundation.

Until recently, I never watched much on YouTube. I would sometimes watch clips reposted on Facebook or that were sent to me or ones in news articles, but I rarely searched out any YouTube videos and wouldn’t have been able to name 3 channels I liked or watched regularly.

As to foundation, I’ve been blessed with decent skin, though I do get occasional redness, as I have psoriasis. I also just didn’t really know how to use it!

In high school, I’d use mascara, maybe some concealer here or there, and a lip gloss sometimes.

I’ve always been pretty low maintenance!

I mean, I have straight short hair that doesn’t hold curl, and I’m comfortable with my face with no makeup.

Whenever I’d go to a wedding or on a fancypants date with my favorite guy, I’d throw on mascara, maybe some pinky-gold eyeshadow, and sometimes a lip gloss.

I Wanted To Learn

I’ve always loved the way people use makeup to express themselves — it’s art for your face! And I’ve never been a great artist.

I got it in my head about a month ago that I wanted to learn. I didn’t go out and buy a bunch of makeup yet. I did what I do best: research!

So, I started watching YouTube videos. I found Manny MUA, Tati Westbrook, Kandee Johnson, Laura Lee, SimplyNailogical, NikkiTutorials, Nicol Concilio, and so many more.

I loved watching them create looks and describe what they were doing. I started getting into watching reviews of products I’d never heard of and find drugstore dupes for expensive products.

I learned about different brushes for different parts of the face. I learned that contouring really isn’t hard!

I went to Walgreens and bought a bunch of stuff. I practiced and played with it.

I still am not great at eyeshadow ‘looks,’ really just putting a color or two up there.

But I can now put on foundation well, and even learned how to do my brows, some contouring, and why people put liner on their waterline. I even bought eyeshadow primer! I’d never even heard of that!

It’s really fun!

I’ve seen my sisters-in-law and my mom do makeup all the time and they always look beautiful and put together.

I wanted to look put together and like I know what I’m doing!

I finally get it — why people enjoy playing with makeup and creating art on their face. It’s fun to experiment with it!

And of course, now I’m subscribed to a bunch of fun beauty YouTube channels and continuing to learn.

Don’t Stop Learning

If you’re interested in something, go forth and learn about it.

Makeup isn’t something which helps my career, I just wanted to learn it and took some free time to do so. I write all day long and just needed something else to think about.

Don’t forget to take time off from work and life sometimes and do something you enjoy!

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