Kavanaugh: Too Emotional To Judge?

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There has always been a dearth of women in politics and leadership positions in the United States.

Hell, women weren’t even allowed to vote until the 1920s, and even more disenfranchised black men weren’t able to register to vote in southern states until the Voting Act of 1965 was passed by Lyndon B. Johnson to get states to overcome the barriers they had in place to keep black men from being able to, despite the 15th amendment passing in 1870.

Men have said women are more emotional, less rational. Perhaps TOO emotional to lead our country.

There has been so much talk about the 1% and how so much of our country’s wealth is held by so few, who also pay less than their fair share of taxes.

This country has a problem. A huge one.

Old white men get power and hold on to it for dear life and see incoming young women and minorities not as revitalizing and fresh but as a direct assault to their power and abilities.

If you are that afraid of change and progress, you do not deserve the position.

Yes, we absolutely need campaign reform and congressional term limit reform and so much more.

As a country, we should be making it AS EASY AS POSSIBLE for people to vote. If the President and other elected representatives are supposed to be the voices of the People, then those people should be highly encouraged and motivated to vote.

Instead, we have never been more divided. We have never had so many openly racist and sexist political leaders.

And now we have Brett Kavanaugh. An alleged sexual predator and proclaimed beer lover.

In his weird and very emotional statement before the senate judiciary committee, he cried over calendars — and side note, the ones he talks about that his dad did and regaled his family with stories from? His dad STARTED those when Brett was a teenager. What 14 year old do you know who wants to listen to his dad’s stories that happened 3 weeks ago? — he got overly emotional, he yelled, he sneered and snapped back and senators asking questions, and he dodged questions.

Kavanaugh has lied under oath, as new and mounting evidence comes to light. His own precious calendars show gatherings like the one Dr. Ford described.

An FBI investigation is underway and we can only hope that it uncovers more truth and gets Kavanaugh finally out of the running.

Because more than just about anything else, his views on a president’s amount of power and control should really really bother you.

Trump already has dictator-like leanings in some aspects. He already thinks he is above the law. Kavanaugh would make sure to try to get him even more power and control.

And that is terrifying. Supreme Court Justices are lifetime roles. Having Kavanaugh on the highest court in our country is a scary prospect.

Not because he’s white. Not because he’s Republican.

Because he thinks the president should basically have unchecked power.

He’s a sexual predator (allegedly) with extremist views — even other senators have raised these concerns over and over again.

Politico reports, “ As [Senator Richard] Blumenthal put it, in the near future, the Supreme Court might face a question of whether to enforce a real system of “checks and balances” or defer to an “imperial presidency” unchecked by the rule of law.”

NPR’s Audie Cornish interviewed Loyola Law School professor Jessica Levinson about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s views on executive power.

“ LEVINSON: … What we have from Justice Kavanaugh is very good evidence to suggest that he does not in fact think a sitting president can be indicted.

CORNISH: You mentioned evidence. What do we know about how he thinks about these issues? How do we know it?

LEVINSON: Well, what we know is from a 2009 law review article that he wrote. Judges often write law review articles to talk about a specific issue that they think is important. And what Judge Kavanaugh wrote in that article was that he thinks that there are very good reasons that Congress should pass a law which says you cannot indict a sitting president.”

CNBC reported on a question by a senator to Kavanaugh, “Asked by the panel’s top Democrat, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, whether a president is required to respond to a subpoena, Kavanaugh demurred, saying he won’t answer the ‘hypothetical’ question.”

“Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., asked Kavanaugh about whether Trump could pardon himself.

‘The question of self-pardons is something I have never analyzed. It’s a question I have not written about,” Kavanaugh responded. “It’s a question that, therefore, is a hypothetical that I can’t begin to answer in this context as a sitting judge and nominee to the Supreme Court.’”

What are your thoughts on all this? On Kavanaugh and his fitness to be a Supreme Court justice and his thoughts on executive power? Let’s have a healthy conversation about it.

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