Just this once: Shameless Self-Promotion

I rarely just shamelessly plug or promote my own products or services and try to make my blog as useful and valuable to those who read it as possible. I love blogging and giving people information they genuinely need and value.

This has long been my “brand” one might say.

But today. Today, I just am so freaking proud of myself and excited about my new book that I am going to show you some of the amazing reviews it has gotten since the official launch early last week.

I am extremely proud of this book. I worked hard on it and have learned SO MUCH since writing my first book, it’s almost unfair to compare them. This one is better-planned, better-written (in my opinion), and more about YOU, the reader, than me (the author). I know for a FACT that Concept to Conclusion: How to Write a Book is a useful, valuable resource for anyone who wants to or even who has already written a book.

So, it is with excitement and verve that I have read the reviews. It is getting such positive feedback from readers and I cannot begin to tell you how amazing that is for me.

So much of my writing is for others and this book, well, it may be FOR others, but it was also so much for me. For me to share knowledge so many writers try to protect, hide, or sell piecemeal.

So, indulge me this once.

10 Reviews of my book!

No, I am not sure why the font got smaller in the latter half of the review screenshots.

Also, in case you didn’t know, my book launched at #1 in 2 categories on Amazon, which while is not a huge thing in the world, still makes my heart warm and fuzzy.

That’s it. That’s today’s daily blog. Thank you so much!

Check out my brand new book Concept to Conclusion: How to Write a Book and learn everything you need to know to conceive of, outline, write, publish, and market a book!

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