Just Random Thoughts on a Friday

Jyssica Schwartz
3 min readNov 4, 2022
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I have notes on my phone of random thoughts. I jot them down with the intention of revisiting them later. Maybe as part of a poem, a TikTok video, something somewhere on social media, etc. I also have just single lines that I think would be good song lyrics.

But since I cannot just sprout every random thought I have out loud to my husband (he has a job and stuff…) the moment it enters my brain, I’ve decided to share them with you.


Random thoughts from the last couple of weeks

I wonder what the minimum distance from my personal space other people can hear my stomach growl, bones/joints cracking, tiny farts, or that weird whistling my nose sometimes does.

I am currently at the stage of life in my mid-thirties where I don’t know if my mattress is CAUSING my back pain or if I notice it more in the morning because my mattress relieved it all night.

When I decided to use this nerdy analogy when I was explaining the difference between alt text and captions on images on a website: “Captions are like songs in a musical — they move the story forward. Alt text is like songs in a play — they just tell you what is currently happening.”

No relationship is perfect, and no matter how exciting your life is, there are still always boring moments in between the bigger ones. I like to imagine things like Beyonce yelling at Jay-Z because he didn’t close the cereal box and it went stale. Or Taylor Swift pouting on her end of the sofa because it’s Joe’s turn to pick the movie and she hates horror films.

I like the idea of a story where the main character is this very stereotypical idea of what a Gen Z person is, but they are a cop/action hero. Like, they do the job, but only reluctantly when it doesn’t make sense to them or refuses to be a team player. He’s a great cop but has the ennui we associate with Gen Z to…

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