Instant Pot: A Journey

My first experience with an Instant Pot.

I got an Instant Pot Duo for Christmas.

I was more excited than I thought it was possible to be about a kitchen appliance when I was 10.

I’ve been wanting an Instant Pot for a couple of years, but I already owned and regularly used a slow cooker, so it just didn't make sense to spend money on a new thing to take up space in my kitchen. I already have a storage issue!

But in summer 2020, my crockpot broke. It stopped working and was WAY out of warranty range.

So I thought, “This is it! It is Instant Pot time!”

When asked what I want for Christmas, this was one of the first times I didn’t have to think about it. I got an Instant Pot from my parents in law and a special Instant Pot hardcover cookbook from my brother- and sister-in-law.

This was it.

I was SO excited.

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Opening it!

But then…

It just sat there. Today is January 11, 2021. I received the Instant pot in the mail on December 17, 2020.

It sat on my counter. Taunting me.

I was intimidated by the Instant Pot.

It’s true.

I’ve never actually USED a pressure cooker before.

I’ve seen them on Chopped and on Iron Chef and other food shows. I’ve wanted and yearned for an Instant Pot for years!

But…it just has so many buttons and I got freaked out by it.

I looked at it every day.

Maybe tonight…

Or not.

Until yesterday.

I bought a pound of chicken and I was going to face my fear.

I approached IP carefully and with caution.

I cracked open the cookbook, laid it on the counter, and carefully reviewed the chicken recipes in it. They started on page 158.

I had to see what I could make with what I already had.

Pasta? Got it.

Garlic? Yep.

Cream cheese and parm? Staples in my fridge.

Ok. I guess we’re making chicken alfredo.

The first thing the recipe said was to put the Instant Pot on “saute” and add the butter and garlic.

But…the lid is not clear? How will I know when they are done??

On a whim, I pressed “saute” while the lid was still off.

It worked!

What sorcery is this?!

Ok. Melt butter, let garlic soften.

Cut chicken. Add chicken, pasta, and broth. I got this.

Pressure cook on high for 15 minutes.

But the pasta is already cooked, so what time should it really be??

Quickly google how long to pressure cook a pound of chicken cut into bite-sized pieces.

Debate back and forth and decide on 6 minutes.

“Natural release”??

Then “quick release”?


Ok. Still got this. Probably.

Add cream cheese and parm. Stir. Very thin. I’ll just let it sit for a few minutes and hope it thickens.

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It did!



I am a goddamn kitchen goddess. All who pass through here shall know me!

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Anyway, I am still kind of intimidated by the thing and plan to try again soon.


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