Insomnia: A Poem

Jyssica Schwartz
2 min readMay 9
Photo by Lukas Robertson on Unsplash

A night owl

Not a morning person;

I need only a few hours!

Or so I tell myself.

Melatonin, pot, Ambien, wine;

Meditate, self-medicate.

Daydream ways to

Nightdream again.

Head in the clouds

Heart on my sleeve

Longing for the sleep of

A never memory.

Sleep when you’re dead

Naps are wasted on the young;

Bone-deep fatigue becomes every day

So used to it that I went undiagnosed.

Wishing sleep was a choice;

The world in darkness

I sit by the light of a small desk lamp

Listening to the birds wake.

He slumbers alone;

When he rises, he’ll ask

“How did you sleep, my love?”

So many nights, the same; I did not.

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