Today is November 3, 2020. Election Day in the United States.

Today’s results plus the results of millions of mail-in ballots and early voting over the last few weeks will determine the next 4 years of our country.

It is my civic duty and honestly, my own sense of pride and hope for a better future.

I’ve always thought about the idea that you have no right to complain about how things are going if you’re not doing anything at all to try to make things better.

Voting is one of the simplest things you can do to try to make change and be part of a new solution.

Every election cycle, people ask themselves: Does it matter? Does MY vote matter? Will anything change? Will it even affect me?

It matters.

How can you be sure it matters? Well, numbers don’t lie. There have been districts that have crazy close numbers in the past, even whole states with close numbers.

But the biggest way to know it matters is to look at the last 4 years.

Trump got elected and even he was surprised. But he wasted exactly zero time and started tearing down people’s rights, raising taxes for everyone except the wealthy, giving businesses tax breaks, not getting Mexico to “pay for the wall” and then building only very small portions of a wall at all — using corrupt contractors and a poor design.

He lies without a qualm and often. He has been caught on tape saying horrendous things and mocking those with disabilities.

He’s the adult equivalent of the kid who takes his ball and goes home when he’s not winning.

Think of the horror of this: Trump has had his own citizens sprayed with tear gas for a photo op. He downplayed the global pandemic and intentionally urged people to doubt scientists and the CDC. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died as a result of the way this administration has handled the pandemic. It’s still happening every day.

And he’s tried to sow seeds of doubt in the election process.

He straight up said that if he wins then everything is great but if he loses, then the election was rigged.

Think about that.

If he wins, everything is A-OK. If he loses, then there must be something, everything wrong with the system.

Because Trump literally can’t comprehend him losing at anything.

Despite the numerous failed businesses he has started and lost in the past — which he ignores. [Failed businesses include: Trump Steaks, GoTrump, Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, Trump: The Game, Trump Magazine, Trump University, Trump Ice, The New Jersey Generals, Tour de Trump, Trump Network, Trumped!]

Despite the millions of dollars he’s lost.

Despite all those bankruptcy filings. [Business bankruptcies include: Trump Taj Mahal (1991), Trump’s Castle (1992), Trump Plaza Casinos (1992), Trump Plaza Hotel (1992), Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts (2004), Trump Entertainment Resorts (2009).]

Despite all those lawsuits… [Here is a list of all the lawsuits involving Trump only during the 4 years of his presidency. And here is a list and graphics showing 4,095 lawsuits over the previous 3 decades.]

Despite his refusal to condemn NAZIS.

Despite his education appointee actively making the public education system worse.

Despite his pushing America to reopen resulting in many more COVID cases and pushing for schools to reopen despite inadequate safety precautions.

Despite his dismal approval ratings.

None of that matters because he has deluded himself into thinking that everything he touches turns to gold and he’s the Midas of America.

He thinks he’s great while the entire world laughs at him. Not even behind his back! They do it in front of him!

Don’t worry — just like your middle school bullies, he probably thinks everyone is just jealous of him.

And this is a tiny, small portion of the things he’s done to the American people. He is devaluing our country, dividing our people, and has seemed to be trying to become a dictator.

Of course, your vote matters.

Your vote matters because every single time someone figures theirs doesn’t matter, they don’t vote. Or they do a throwaway vote.

And then the wrong person wins.

4 years after Hilary Clinton lost the election, ardent Trump supporters still talk about those emails…and not about putting children in cages, trying to take away healthcare for millions of citizens during a global health crisis, or his fearmongering and intimidation tactics. How he simply ignores science and just fires anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

Donald J. Trump is a narcissistic bully and most importantly, he doesn’t care about you.

If you still support Trump after watching him tear down a lot of what America is supposed to stand for over the last 4 years…why? Genuine question. Why do you currently support the president?

Entrepreneur, writer, editor, book coach, cat lover, weirdo, optimist. Author of “Write. Get Paid. Repeat.” & “Concept to Conclusion.”

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