I Just Want To Talk About My Cat For a Second

He’s had a tough month.

I don’t (can’t) have kids.

What I do have is a cat that has been by my side every single day for the last 6 years, sitting next to me on my desk while I worked from home for the last 4.5 years, and who (despite not being a cuddle-bug) always cuddles and sits on me purring when I’m sick.

I know that pets aren’t children, but they ARE a part of our family.

My Dexter boy has been sick and even stayed TWO nights at a hospital last month. He still isn’t fully back to himself and I worry about my little buddy. We got his latest bloodwork back today and his pancreatitis is currently under control! He is eating and not throwing up every meal.

I am so thankful he is OK and I’m just keeping an eye on him hoping he goes fully back to normal soon.

It’s little things — the way he’s sleeping more than before. How he isn’t meowing for dinner like he usually does. The way he suddenly is cuddling with me more than ever.

He’s always hung out with me but now he’s shoved against my hip half the day. The other half he is hidden under something napping.

But when he got really sick and we had to rush him to the emergency vet hospital, he wasn’t eating or drinking, was throwing up a lot, and so lethargic he barely moved. It was heartbreaking! I took him to the hospital after only ONE full day of those symptoms — and thank goodness I did!

Dexter in the vet emergency hospital.

Dexter was SO dehydrated that the vet actually told me he’d “never seen an alive animal with numbers that high.” That was scary!

He was in the hospital for two nights and two days. They did bloodwork and an ultrasound and x-rays and he had an IV the whole time. The tech sent me a couple of pictures and said they were trying to help him be less stressed.

Dexter was diagnosed with pancreatitis!

He came home with three different medications that he needed to take for 2 weeks.

My poor dude was so happy to be home and Husband and I had been pretty dang worried about it. It was great to have him back and be able to care for him myself and see how he was doing.

It’s been a few weeks since his hospital stay and he is getting slowly back to normal. He’s no longer on any meds and I just took him to our regular vet for a follow-up and additional bloodwork.

He also has a brother.

We got a second Siberian kitten during quarantine in 2020. Max just turned 1 and he is the softest, fluffiest, sweetest little dude. He adores Dexter and they even play together and wrestle.

Max. The fluffy cloud baby.

We’re so thankful they don’t hate each other!

I even caught them chilling together having a little kitty powwow last night when I went to go get something and they both sat in my seat even though I called fives.

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about my cat.

Dexter is a sweet cat, who loves headbutts and butt scratches. He doesn’t snore but DOES love to try to take over my entire pillow at night. He loves cheese and whipped cream and food at any time of day.

He acts like a fearless king at home but is terrified of the outside world.

He had to go to the vet this past Saturday. He whimpered and hated every second of the car ride and then they took him back alone because I can’t go back with him due to COVID protocols.

…that lasted 10 minutes. They couldn’t get to him because he hid under the table and hissed at them when they tried to grab him. The tech came out and asked me to come back there.

I walked in and immediately picked him up. He also immediately let me hold him in a way so that the vet could draw blood — no whining, no crying, didn’t even move. He just stared at me and I whispered silly things to him and even hummed a song.

Just because pets can’t speak doesn’t mean they can’t tell you they love and trust you.

Go hug your pet.

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