I choose to put a lot of my stories behind the paywall for several reasons — it is free to me to do so, members can still read a few paywall stories for free each month, so they are not missing out on content they want, and I am able to make a small amount of money each month.

I did this before the changes to the algorithm that seems to prefer and promote paid stories.

However, I used to put my stories on publications a lot more often and now mainly only write on my own page.

I sometimes crosspost good posts to my LinkedIn or my website, where people can see all of the writing for free. I also answer Quora questions regularly, which people can see for free.

My aim is to write useful, valuable content. And I give A LOT away for free. I also recognize the value in the paywall, where people can see more supposedly “premium” content — and it’s a very low cost for membership.

I am also a full-time freelance writer and editor. Writing for me is more than a necessity, more than a pastime, a creative outlet, a cathartic release. I write because I love it, but I also write as a career. I have had many people and clients reach out to me after reading my Medium posts and I still direct people to Medium when they ask for writing samples.

I’ve been on Medium a few years now and have over 3300 followers and around 15,000 views per month. I like Medium a lot and have not noticed much of a dip or change since they started really focusing more on paid stories, since I already made some of my stories paid and some free.

Entrepreneur, writer, editor, book coach, cat lover, weirdo, optimist. Author of “Write. Get Paid. Repeat.” & “Concept to Conclusion.” jyssicaschwartz.com

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