How To Write & Publish A Kid’s Book

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Jyssica Schwartz


As many of you may know (and some may not), most authors do not make a real living wage off of book royalties.

I wrote a post once about other ways to make money writing, and I still stand by it. However, I still write and publish books — and I love it.

I’ve also written about finding clients and pitching yourself and marketing.

But this post is not about that.

From my research, the two genres that DO tend to make the most money from book royalties are children’s books and romance novels.

In 2020, I made over $3k from book royalties and my Medium blog.

This was JUST from book royalties on my first 3 nonfiction books and Medium’s paid partner program.

Then right at the end of 2020, my fourth nonfiction book (and second traditionally published book) We Are Not Alone was released by my publisher.

And now, TODAY, I self-published my first-ever children’s book!

Of course, in 2020, I made a lot more than that as a full-time writer and editor working with clients. I wrote for companies launching Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaigns, edited book manuscripts, wrote blogs and articles, worked with first-time authors to help them conceptualize and write their nonfiction books, and more.

There are a lot of articles online about how to upload a kid’s book on Amazon. But I want to talk about what comes before that.

When you first decide to write a children’s book, you have two options:

  • Start with writing the story and then figure out where it fits in with age ranges, or
  • Decide on an age range before you start writing



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