How to Start a Blog — Fast & Easy!

It’s free, it’s easy, why not?

I see a LOT of people who want to start a blog but just don’t know where to start.

I can help!

I am a veteran blogger, have blogged regularly for probably 15 years, starting with MySpace and LiveJournal, then a dedicated blog on Blogspot/Blogger, and finally moved to WordPress and Medium (both currently).

Where to Start

You can start a blog for free! You don’t need a website to do it, you can create and account and blog on a free platform like Medium (my favorite) or Blogspot/Blogger. Simply go to Medium, sign up with an email address and start writing!

If you already have a website, such as WordPress, WP is a blog-style site and has a built-in blogging platform, you can add a blog page and start from your dashboard with “add new post.”

Medium is my personal favorite because there is a built-in audience and is a clean interface and allows you to tag your post to categorize it. You are welcome to check out mine!

Getting & Staying Inspired

More than likely, you are overthinking blogging. Not every post is going to be gold. You don’t have to start with any specific TYPE of post or kind of content. Blogging is fluid and can be ever-changing. You can have a post about “8 ways to make money as a blogger” one day and then “how to market yourself” the next and “why I love cheese” after that. If it’s on your business website, you’ll want to have most of your blog focused on business stuff, or similar/related things, like reacting to news or pop culture in your genre, national statistics, thoughts or theories, your company and services, case studies, advice, anything!

I also think it is important to write about non-business stuff sometimes. You are a real person and you are not ONLY a business. I like presenting a whole human, not just a writer. Writing is also a source of comfort and catharsis for me, so I also write about things like my anxiety or my struggle with infertility in addition to the helpful useful posts (like this!).

You don’t need a big plan or outline for long-term content, you can just start writing.

Another way to get into the rhythm or writing or to get ideas is to go answer questions on Quora in your area of expertise. Check out some of the questions I’ve answered if you want inspiration or to see how I use it here or just go to the homepage and look around.

I also use reading the news, other bloggers, and sites like Reddit and Quora as a source of inspiration. What are people asking? What is topical and timely? I use it as inspiration for what to write, often answering the question and they using that to write a blog post.

I’ve actually turned Quora answers into blog posts when I’ve found them interesting. Here are 2 examples:

Look at competitor or industry websites and check out their blogs for inspiration. What are they writing about? What are people responding to?

Just Start Writing

Don’t just wonder about how to start a blog and push it off, waiting for a specific inspiration or burst of creativity. Just start writing!

Writing begets writing. Once you start it is easier to continue.

As I tell the authors I work with — it is easier to fix bad writing than to always be staring at a blank page. START WRITING. It gets easier, more fun, and more interesting the more you do it.

YouTube video that expands on this topic. Subscribe to my channel — it’s new!

Check out my book Concept to Conclusion: How to Write a Book and learn everything you need to know to conceive of, outline, write, publish, and market a book!

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