How to Sell Yourself

Sales is super important as an entrepreneur.

Are you one of those people who claims they “hate sales” or “don’t pitch” themselves? And then wonder why other writers or freelancers are making good money faster than you did?

Or maybe already make more than you do?

It’s not enough to be good at what you do.

It just isn’t. You might think that isn’t fair, but newsflash: life is not fair.

I had a personal blog for over 6 years, assuming that if I was funny enough, posted often enough, or was interesting enough, I would somehow get discovered. I’d get a book deal and people would pay me to write for them, and I’d be featured in big magazine for how hilarious my writing was.

Much like the stories of child actors being “discovered” as they roamed the mall, it just doesn’t really happen like that for most people.

My blog did not make me money, though I enjoyed it.

As soon as I went out and LOOKED for clients and PITCHED myself to them, I immediately started making money.

Literally, I started sending pitch messages and emails to some people, and had 4 clients less than a week later.

Sales makes the world go ‘round.

Every company in the world sells. Intel advertises. Coca-Cola still runs ads. Twix markets their company. They all still do sales because it is one thing to GET to the point where you’re successful and profitable and another thing to STAY THERE.

Everything is sold to us. I don’t remember ever seeing the “where’s the beef?” commercial as a kid, but we all know it. I know the Empire jingle and the stupid Kars4Kids commercial. We all do.

Because they are selling to us. Why do you own the car you do, or the toys you buy, or the brand of gum you prefer?

Everything and everyone in life is constantly selling to you. It’s a part of life and it’s hard to understand how some entrepreneurs don’t see the value of sales.

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If those large companies still market themselves, how can you think you don’t need to?

You do need to. As a writer, especially a book writer who hopes to sell your book, you do. We all do! All freelancers and entrepreneurs MUST learn how to sell themselves.

Because of my sales and business development skills, I went from $0 to quitting my day job in just 90 days. That’s not a typo. Three months from starting a writing business to being able to do it full-time. Now I’m so busy that I turn down work, and I love every minute of it! I am literally reading and writing books for a living — my dream job!

Sales can be fun!

Why do you hate selling and marketing yourself, anyway? I love chatting with people. I work from home with just a cat for company. Jumping onto a call and meeting someone new is awesome. Human interaction is great (and necessary)!

Everyone has a story, and I am not an aggressive salesperson, so I enjoy talking to people and getting to know them and their needs. I love sales calls and talking to potential clients!

I’m not actively calling everyone I know daily, but I am marketing myself. I’m putting myself out there and messaging people I think might use my services.

Bottom line: People are generally not going to just find you out of nowhere. Sales is important, and there are ways to approach it that will make it easier and more fun, as well as specific places to market yourself, and ways to talk about yourself without coming off as “salesy.”

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