How To Keep Evolving Your Business

Setting goals and allowing change as you grow as an entrepreneur.

Jyssica Schwartz


My business is always changing. I am continuously refining and re-thinking and looking to where I want to go next, what I want to focus on, and how to get there.

Especially as someone who says yes to new opportunities, the list of things I enjoy doing changes, evolves, and is added to over time.

As I have found newer things I really enjoy and would like to focus on, such as book coaching, I have continued to redefine business and marketing strategies to reflect that.

Instead of marketing myself as a blogger and content marketer, I show that I am a ghostwriter, an editor, a book coach, and a writing partner.

Constant evolution and change are what is needed for me to fit both the needs of my clients and my own needs and interests.

As it should.

But how do you set goals for yourself if things are always changing? Or reach them?

A large piece of being an entrepreneur is being able to do the work you want to do, work with people you want to work with, and create your own space.

You’re allowed to say no to work you don’t want to be doing, you are definitely allowed to break up with a client if the work is not right for you or they are a “bad” client, and you should be looking at both short and long-term goals and plans.

Changing directions is just a part of business and figuring out what I like and don’t like, what I enjoy, and experimenting with things I’ve never tried.

It’s also about being open to change and willing to make adjustments as needed, and seeing what you enjoy.

As I move forward in my business, I’m continuing to redefine what I enjoy doing most and putting myself in a position where my current clients and the projects I take on are aligned with my newer wants and needs.

My goals change as my interests change. Near the beginning my goals were to have X number of clients, which later became goals for making X number of dollars per month. Now that I am hitting those original goals, my goals have morphed, though of course one is to keep making more…



Jyssica Schwartz

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