How to Increase Your Sales with Blogging

Leverage blogging to make more money!

A large part of my business is doing weekly blogs for different companies. Some are smaller successful entrepreneurs and others are larger companies who want to be putting out content regularly and expanding their sphere of influence.

Blogging does so much more than just increase people’s awareness of your COMPANY, though. It also serves to build your PERSONAL brand.

By increasing your personal, individual brand, you are also building the credibility, authority, and brand of your company.

Whether you are a one-man show or the CEO of a huge company, your name seems to become synonymous with that of the company.

Your brand reflects your company’s brand, vision, goals, and more.

Every time you hand out your card, speak at an event or use social media, your name and your company’s name are broadcast out into the world.

Even though what you do is not who you are, what you do IS a part of you, a part of your overall brand, and your brand reflects on you.

What does this mean for you and your company?

Well, in this age of technology and information, you and each of your employees are essentially all “faces” of the company. You cannot separate your individual social media exposure, name, and public persona from that of the company.

An example is when someone gets in trouble with the law. Here is an actual headline from, Washington’s Top News: “Metro Employee Arrested After Fight With Coworker.”

People can’t get away from identifying with their employer, and neither can you.

Leveraging Blogging as an Individual

Well, the best way to turn this into a huge positive is to do content marketing under your own name.

You can write your own content, or you can use a service like mine, where I blog for you based on the topics you want to write about. I write it in your tone of voice and produce original content for you to post on your personal or company sites and share on social media.

You will be combining the proven results of content marketing with your own brand and name, to push yourself and your company forward. You’ll move up in the Google rankings, you’ll be proving your authority, and will be gaining credibility with every post.

More trust from clients and customers will mean more sales.

Leveraging Blogging as a Company

As for a company, blogging is an important part of running a successful client-based business.

By putting out new and original content regularly, you are giving your prospective clients free, valuable, useful information, which inspires trust, encourages site visitors to stay on your website for a longer amount of time, and brings repeat visitors back to your site.

You will also be raising your website in the Google search rankings organically, so more people will find you.

All of this leads to more sales and more money.

So, does YOUR company have a blog?

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