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I’ve written before about why being a “top writer” on Medium is not a huge deal, when I responded to all those “how to be a top writer in 4 days!” posts. They weren’t sharing anything secret or of great magnitude, and it seemed more of an attention grab or almost clickbait-esque story than anything else.

The formula for becoming a top writer is very simple and straightforward (pulled from my above-linked post):

How to become a top writer:

  • Pick a not-that-popular tag
  • Use that tag every time you write a post or response
  • Post and/or respond to posts daily

That’s literally it.

If you’re posting regularly (and I am including responses to other peoples’ stories in this) and you’re using a tag with less overall posts attached to it, you’ll become a top writer.

You can do it a bit faster by posting AND commenting every single day and getting your stories in publications.

I am currently a top writer in the “books” and “writing” categories.

And that’s great, but it’s not my ultimate goal of having a blog. I do not write on Medium with the sole intention of becoming a top writer or having the most followers or becoming a “featured” story, which just so happened to have happened with the blog I posted yesterday called “Self-employed vs. Employed: Pros & Cons.”

I write on Medium because I like the platform and the built-in audience and I love that we can tag our stories with the appropriate categories. But most of all because I love to write.

I keep a blog for MANY reasons, such as:

  • I use my blog as writing samples for potential clients
  • I get continued exposure, which also promotes both me personally and my business
  • I love to write and it is a free blogging platform
  • I do not have to promote it and search for an audience (as I did with my previous WordPress and Blogspot blogs)

So, I am not all about the top writer status or getting all the views.

How to Get Views

There is not some “secret sauce” to getting views. It comes down to posting regularly, writing well, and giving good information.

If you are constantly regurgitating the same information in different ways, the readers will stop reading and responding after the first few. Engagement and views will go way down.

If you are leaving in a bunch of typos and errors, people get distracted and frustrated and stop reading or following.

If you’re only posting clickbait, you will not grow a core group of followers.

If you cheapen the QUALITY of posts for the sake of QUANTITY, readers will stop coming back as often.

So, how do you get views?

  • You post good quality well-written articles regularly.
  • Read and clap for and respond to other people’s stories.
  • Tag other writers and expand your reach occasionally.

Don’t do that last one too often — readers are not dumb and they’ll see that as the ploy it can be.

Don’t believe me? Let’s check out what some other Medium writers think:

Christian Sørensen wrote, “The best hack to getting more views, reads, claps and followers on Medium.

Daniel DeMarco wrote, “4 More Scientific Tricks To Getting Page Views on Medium.

Blake Powell wrote, “How to Write Posts on Medium That Beg to be Shared.

Øivind H. Solheim wrote, “Understanding the system and getting more views.

They all talk about quality, writing regularly. They all have a lot of followers, especially Daniel and Blake. Blake has almost 10,000 followers on Medium! He probably knows what he’s talking about.

Of course, there are also a bunch of articles out there on how to get shared more or how to get views on YouTube or other platforms, too.

What Does This Mean for You?

Don’t look for get-views-fast or get-rich-quick schemes. Instead of trying to cheat the system, USE THE SYSTEM.

Write good quality articles, link to sources or other writers when it makes sense to, tag your articles appropriately, and be real with your audience.

Give them good advice and information! That is what it comes down to.

My first month on Medium, I got 112 views.

Now, I regularly get around 15,000 views per month and that number is going up steadily.

I do try to create titles that will make people want to read my articles, but I am not posting clickbait articles or 50-word posts with no actual information in them.

I have spent time identifying my audience and writing to and for them.

Ask yourself:

  • Who is my ideal reader?
  • What do they want to know?
  • How can I teach them?
  • Is there any “secret sauce” or tips and tricks in my industry people would benefit from knowing?

Most of all, quality over quantity. Do not spam Medium with 10 posts per day if none of them are good quality and giving useful or valuable information. People will catch on quickly.

Is this useful for you? How did you grow YOUR audience on Medium or other platforms? Did I miss any major steps or information? Share in the comments so we can all learn and have a great conversation!

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