How To Get Editing Clients

And how to create editing samples.

Jyssica Schwartz


I recently got a great question through my “contact me” page on my website. It inspired a fairly detailed answer, so I thought others may benefit from this information.

It’s easy to show writing samples when you want to market yourself as a writer.

But how do you show that you’re a good editor?

First, I will post her question and my answer, then I’ll go into more detail about editing samples, and finally, we’ll dive into how to get editing clients.

The Question

“Hi, Jyssica! I’ve been following you on Medium for a while and really enjoy your articles discussing freelance life and tips. I’m messaging you because I’m considering trying to get into freelance editing with no prior formal experience as an editor, aside from some time as an editor for my law journal in law school (otherwise, I’ve professionally been an attorney for the past 6 years, and I really enjoy the time I spend reviewing and editing other attorneys’ work product).

I love your advice on getting started up freelancing before spending any money to establish a website, etc. and to essentially use blog posts or other writing you’ve done as sample work to get your first clients rather than doing work for free to develop a portfolio. However, I understand how this advice is particularly helpful if you want to do writing freelance, but I think I’m really only interested in doing editing, so I wanted to know what thoughts or advice you have on how to go about getting your first editing-only clients?

I could be wrong since I’m not experienced in the field, but it seems less straightforward than just offering examples of your writing to potential clients since that doesn’t directly show your work as an editor. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my message and offering any tips or advice for me. Thank you so much! — K”

This is a really great question, one I assume other aspiring editors would love to get an answer to, too!

My Answer


Thank you for messaging me through my website.

That’s a great question, and honestly, you are right —…



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