Hi Azzen Abidi!

Thank you for your thoughtful comment, I appreciate it a lot.

What you listed is exactly what I have been doing! It is nice to see I am doing it right, at least sort of, even though it hasn’t completely worked yet.

  1. Publish free content & get momentum — I have this blog with a good following and write free and what I hope is valuable content regularly.
  2. Build an email list — I have been building email lists since I wrote my first book.
  3. Study the audience needs and create a course accordingly — I created the course based on feedback and experience doing one-on-one book coaching over the last couple of years.
  4. Once the course is ready, they email a set of their subscribers to get early feedback. — I did send it out to my email lists
  5. Share the news with their email list and across their social media — I did share the news extensively on social media and to my lists.
  6. Optional: Add a call to action section in all their stories and blogs — My call to action is at the end of my blog posts here, and on the landing page for my course, at howtowriteabookin3months.com, I offer a free copy of my first book and the call to action is getting on a call with me.

As a number 7, I also put together a press release and am looking to have my course written about in news and online publications.

So, offering my book for free and to get on a free call. And to your note, my first book was a bestseller and I am very proud of that.

I think it is simply a bit frustrating that I am marketing a course for the first time and it is, of course, more difficult than it is to get new clients for my writing business.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write back to me and provide help! It makes me feel better that I am on the right track.

Entrepreneur, writer, editor, book coach, cat lover, weirdo, optimist. Author of “Write. Get Paid. Repeat.” & “Concept to Conclusion.” jyssicaschwartz.com

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