Hey, getting your name out there in publications is a great start, as you can now use that as marketing tools and samples, by saying “I am a travel writer, featured in such publications as X and Y. I’d love to help you update your blog regularly to bring more repeat site visitors, encourage site visitors to stay longer, give valuable and useful information to readers, and organically raise you in the search rankings.”

And also as writing samples, giving the links in those same marketing emails.

Marketing IS work, that’s why there is a whole industry for it. As it’s core, especially for freelancers, it’s about being proactive. That doesn’t mean spending 8 hours per day looking for clients; it means spending 30 minutes every single day looking at company websites and/or Instagram/Facebook accounts and messaging them directly with a message about why you want to write for them and the benefits it will bring them (like the above in italics, plus a customized intro and including writing samples).

I personally am not a fan of Upwork and content mills. But part of marketing is also applying to jobs, so try ProBlogger, WritingAxis, Flexjobs, Craigslist (you’d be surprised, I get clients on CL — they have a writing section under “jobs” and also under “gigs”), and other job boards.

Subject: Replying to CL ad for Writing role


My name is Jyssica Schwartz and I’m a full-time writer and editor based in NYC. I am available to take on a new client immediately.

I would be a good fit for your writing position for your new blog, as I already do quite a bit of blogging and ghostwriting articles. I work with a lot of entrepreneurs and mid-size businesses to write and maintain their blogs and am a generalist. This role would be great for me. I have written for tech companies, entrepreneurs, pet care companies, blockchain companies, cannabis companies, and more.

I am an extremely organized and detail-oriented worker with the ability to easily multitask and shift priorities as needed. As a freelancer, these skills are lifesaving (or at least business-saving)!

As you know, keeping your blog updated helps you with SEO and encourages site visitors to stay on your page longer while giving them value on your site.

Here are three recent pieces from my Medium blog, where I have almost 5000 followers:

7 Business Lessons from the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Disaster

Is American Ninja Warrior Too Focused on Adversity?

How to Adult: Traveling Internationally Edition

You can see more of my writing on my Medium blog at medium.com/@jyssicaschwartz and more about me and my experience on my website at jyssicaschwartz.com.

Do you have time this week to jump on a call to discuss your needs?

My resume is attached and you can reach me at [email]@gmail.com and [phone number].

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,

Entrepreneur, writer, editor, book coach, cat lover, weirdo, optimist. Author of “Write. Get Paid. Repeat.” & “Concept to Conclusion.” jyssicaschwartz.com

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