Freelancing While Working a Full-Time Job

Yes, it is possible!

Jyssica Schwartz
4 min readJan 27


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I have shared my journey of freelancing before, including how I started my freelance writing and editing business, finding clients while working a full-time not-writing-related job.

I decided to get serious about starting my writing business in October 2016. I got 4 clients in the first week. In November, I officially became an LLC.

By January 2017, I knew this could work. I was making about half my full-time job’s salary from freelance writing in the evenings and weekends.

So, I quit my job. By February, I was able to focus on my writing business full-time.

At the end of 2017, I made about $67k for the year. In my previous corporate position, I was making $65k annual salary. It was working!

I keep a spreadsheet of all earnings and expenses.

Things went well over the next few years, with my annual earnings going up a bit each year.

I added more services and pivoted my business when necessary, and I wrote and published books, adding to my credibility and authority in my field.

My Amazon author page.

Then, the pandemic.

In 2020, the world kind of just…shut down.

I was still actively working. I was editing books, writing for clients, writing my own books and blog, the whole 9 yards.

But while I’d been working from home for a few years by then, the pandemic isolated me even further.

I started to feel less inspired, less motivated to run my business.

There is a huge difference between ‘I don’t want to go out’ and ‘I can’t go out.’



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