Finding Clients on Instagram

It’s exactly how you think it would be.

A writer I have not read before popped up in me Medium feed this morning, and I wanted to see how her process for finding clients on Instagram differed from my own, which I have written about previously.

The writer is Al Falk and her new post is:

She seems to have the same attitude toward Upwork and other content mills as I do, though she did not explain why she dislikes them. I am using my own bias and hope to assume she also thinks of them as a race to the bottom, a whole industry which defines the idea of “quantity over quality,” and proudly offers damn near slave wages to people, taking advantage of new or inexperienced freelancers.

[Author’s note: Don’t come at me. I know there are a few people who have found good clients, good money, and had a good experience on those types of sites. I am giving you MY opinion and impression of them. You’re allowed and encouraged to have your own opinions.]

Al’s article shows her step-by-step guide to finding clients on Instagram. It boils down to: Be legit and not scammy in your profile and posts, look for people/companies in your area of expertise/niche, and then cold message them.

And it totally works!

It definitely does work. And it’s not just for website design, either. Using this general plan to find clients on Instagram is basically universal. The fact that people have to be told, over and over in different ways, just goes to show that many people are looking for a quick fix versus a sustainable process.

As a writer and editor, I do a very similar thing to find clients specifically on Instagram. I’ve written about it before when discussing finding clients on social media, but this topic seems to come up over and over again.

For me, I try to have pictures on my Instagram which show me as a person and not just a business and actively reach out to potential clients through messaging explaining who I am and how I could help their business.

Other Stories

Al Falk and I are far from the only ones who have written on this topic!

Feel free to check out articles by other awesome Medium writers, like Grant Cardone with his post called “How to Convert Leads Every Day on Social Media for Free.

Or Denise Wakeman’s fantastic article “How to Find Your Ideal Client on Social Media” from years ago, which still holds up.

Or Kate Abrosimova’s guide “Communicating on Social Media for Software Development Service Providers,” which goes a lot more in-depth but gives similar advice overall. This is a great guide!

Courtney Hall Lee has a similar method for finding clients on LinkedIn with her post, “A Quick-and-Dirty Guide to Finding Freelance Clients on LinkedIn” from just 3 months ago.

Or Chloe Donile with her post called “3 Ways Designers Can Attract New Clients on Instagram.

Your Socials

How are YOU currently using social media to your best advantage? Are you researching your audience and messaging people with personalized notes to show how you, specifically, could help them and directly benefit them?

If not, why? What is stopping you from taking advantage of the free social media platforms and the millions upon millions of people on them?

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