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In the wake of the Kavanaugh hearings and with October 15th being the one-year anniversary of the #metoo movement sweeping social media and putting it at the front of the news and in people’s minds, I have received a flood of new stories from people who want to share their stories.

Their #metoo stories.

Their #whyIdidntreport stories.

Their fears.

When I set out on a journey in fall 2017 to collect and publish stories of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment, I did it with an optimism and hope that I could help people.

I have always found writing about the most difficult things to be the most cathartic and therapeutic. The paper is my therapist and my pen is a sword with which to slay my fears and secrets.

I didn’t know then that the book, “You Are Not Alone,” and the experience would be life-changing.

I have met some of strongest people, those with indomitable spirits and those who thrive despite adversity. Those who fear, but have the courage to share anyway. Those who refused to stay quiet anymore.

I’ve gained new friends and colleagues, clients, and course members. The journey has been incredible and indelible on my soul.

In the months after that book was published, I received messages of support, of caring, of compassion, and of grief.

I received a few more stories here and there, which I saved for what I called a “potential second volume someday.”

The Kavanaugh hearings and Dr. Ford’s courageous and heartfelt testimony followed by Kavanaugh being confirmed anyway has awoken fears in so many people.

Right after the hearings, I received more than a dozen stories to be shared.

They’d never heard of me or my book. They simply Googled “where can I share my #metoo story?” and my name popped up.

I am proud to be able to provide a safe place for survivors to share their stories and their fears — with no judgment, no recriminations, no questions asked.

Now is the time for a second volume to come together. I have received dozens of new stories, mostly from women in the U.S. this time. I am planning to put together a second volume of “You Are Not Alone: True Stories of Sexual Assault, Abuse, & Harassment” and publish it in the new year.

If you want to share your story, please include a name (can be fake), real age and location and email it to

Thank you.

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