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Entrepreneur, writer, editor, book coach, cat lover, weirdo, optimist. Author of “Write. Get Paid. Repeat.” & “Concept to Conclusion.”

Without selling courses or doing the blogging grind.

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In September 2017, I wrote a post about how I made $6500 that month as a full-time freelance writer.

In that post, I shared my breakdown of how I made that money and what kinds of work and clients I had to get there.

Two years later, in October 2019, I had my first $10,000 month!

While I have made a livable and decent salary since I started freelancing in October 2016, this was my first $10k month. I have seen many articles from people about ramping up and making $10k and more right away; that is not the case…


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There is a myth that pervades the writing world that you HAVE to write every single day.

If you don’t, then you won’t be successful or popular…or make money!

That’s not true.

Let’s talk about this.

While I have long thought, written, and advised that writing more often is essential to improving, the main thing anyone can take away from my advice is:


Consistency is the true path to success.

I do not write every day.

Not on my blog, for my next book, or in my journal.

Depending on my clients and deadlines, not even for clients. (To be fair, I mostly do editing these days.)

Consistency is…

And they’re all FREE!

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I get it, I am a weirdo.

Perhaps an anomaly.

But I…(shhh!) like marketing myself and my business.

No, no, don’t run away!

I know most people hate marketing themselves.

It can feel “braggy” to talk about yourself. There is anxiety when approaching strangers. What if the person/company doesn’t like your work? Marketing takes time away from other (paid) work.

“I’m just not good at it.” “I don’t see the point.”


And I still know it to be 100% true that if you market yourself, even a little bit, you will get back SO MUCH…

Is homeownership still the American dream?

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I am a Millennial. I am 35 years old born in 1986. My parents are baby boomers — the generation of people who could buy a house right out of college and support a family of 4 on one full-time income.

I feel like my entire life, homeownership was sold to me as the ultimate “American dream.”

So, I spent my after-college adulthood saving money aggressively to be able to do the ultimate adult-y thing — buy a house.

I didn’t sacrifice everything. I still went on vacation now and then and hung out with friends and grabbed a drink.

Sign, symptoms, & differences from the childhood version.

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Did you know that adults can develop ADHD even if they did NOT exhibit symptoms or were diagnosed as having ADHD as a child?

Adult ADHD is far more than just that over-hyperactivity we sometimes associate with ADHD, especially in kids.

In fact, adults with ADHD are FAR LESS LIKELY to show or have hyperactivity than kids. You may meet almost all the other, non-hyperactive symptoms — and you’d still have ADHD.

It is often other symptoms:

Restlessness, difficulty staying focused on one task, zoning out, poor listening skills, getting bored very easily, bad organization skills, procrastination, being late a lot, forgetting important dates and…

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We all do it.

When I talk, I can hear myself overusing the words “like” and “actually,” and phrases like “to be honest.” These are often referred to as filler words or crutch words.

They are like the “um” equivalent in writing.

Everyone does it when they write.

Most people don’t really notice the overused phrases until they are pointed out, such as in the editing process.

It’s no big deal — that’s part of editing!

But it’s still good to be aware of the MOST overused words and phrases so that you can start to see them as you’re…

Branding vs. Marketing vs. Sales

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When it comes to branding and entrepreneurship as a whole, authenticity is often far more important than any “sales tactics” or marketing plans.

Those things are also incredibly important — essential for businesses to thrive, in fact.

Let’s first take a look at the concepts.


Branding is “the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.”

Basically, branding is how you and your company are presented to the world. Your name, logo, color choices, fonts, banners, mascots, etc.

Your branding is a marketing tool and is what allows your company to stand out from the competition. …

And that’s okay.

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I woke up this morning and did my morning work routine.

Part of this routine is having my much-needed jolt of cold coffee while checking my email and then reviewing comments on my website and notifications on Medium.

Then I saw my Medium profile page:

Freelancers get weekends, too!

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I am in several writing and freelancing groups on various platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

I enjoy the community of other writers and seeing how others use software, how they approach issues with clients, and more.

There are also a lot of newbies in those groups who have a ton of questions about finding clients, determining pricing, dealing with rejection, and scheduling.

I came across a GREAT question yesterday in one of the groups and really think it’s something many freelancers deal with. So here I am to give YOU this info!

Here is the question:

Jyssica Schwartz

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