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Entrepreneur, writer, editor, book coach, cat lover, weirdo, optimist. Author of “Write. Get Paid. Repeat.” & “Concept to Conclusion.”

Without selling courses or doing the blogging grind.

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In September 2017, I wrote a post about how I made $6500 that month as a full-time freelance writer.

In that post, I shared my breakdown of how I made that money and what kinds of work and clients I had to get there.

Two years later, in October 2019, I had my first $10,000 month!

While I have made a livable and decent salary since I started freelancing in October 2016, this was my first $10k month. I have seen many articles from people about ramping up and making $10k and more right away; that is not the case…

It’s great to have a creative outlet or hobby you just enjoy!

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It seems like every piece of advice online these days are all about “take what you love and make it your job!” and “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!” and “side gigs are the new career!”

It’s true in one sense. If you like your job, it is still work…but it feels less terrible. You don’t dread getting up on a workday and you don’t hate what you’re doing all day long.

And that’s wonderful.

But unlike the prevailing advice out there, you do NOT have to turn anything and everything you…

Well, 35 in 3 days.

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It was April 2020.

I was bored. I was in lockdown, as was the entire world.

I’d already run out of shows I felt like watching and it felt like none of my favorite content creators were feeling any more creative than I was.

In a moment of boredom after seeing yet another TikTok video reposted on Reddit after endless scrolling, I downloaded it.

At first, I kind of just wanted to see what it was all about. …

My story and some psychological insight into why it’s so hard to accept help.

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I’m am one of those people who LOVES spending money on and helping other people. It’s not selfless, I get joy and happiness from it.

But the giving I get from my mom, who is the most selfless, honest, kindest person I know.


  • She met a lonely elderly man at a grocery store a few years ago. They ended up chatting and somehow, over the next year, she became not just his friend, but his family. She is his medical proxy, talks to him almost daily, has taken over his accounts to pay his bills for him, keeps his kids…

I'm so glad this was useful! When it comes to pricing, I base all my editing pricing on a per-word rate, unless it is something very short/uncomplicated, then I might do a project rate - by which I mean just decide my hourly rate and estimate how long the project will take and then give the client my final number.

Some editors do hourly rates for editing. I like per-word rating for myself, simply because I don't really track my hours and I do a lot of context-switching, which can really affect hourly work!

One way to determine your rates…

Short answer: no. And here’s why.

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I’ve been seeing questions lately about whether or not using a ghostwriter is basically an author (the credited author on the book cover/article post) lying to readers.

There are some instances where you know a ghostwriter or co-writer is obvious. And others where it wasn’t discovered until years later.

Let’s quickly define the terms

As a quick reminder, a ghostwriter is a writer who is hired to write books, speeches, literary works, etc. where the work “officially” credited to another person, meaning the other person is credited as the writer.

A co-author is someone who jointly writes the book or paper WITH another author; both…

By looking to my stepdad, a novelist.

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I have been a nonfiction writer and author for many years. At this point, I have literally thousands of blog posts under my belt, written and published 5 nonfiction books, and have edited primarily nonfiction articles and books since starting as a professional editor 5 years ago.

My stepdad, Bill, was a reporter and newspaper editor for 40 years before retiring a couple of years ago. I adore him and we have a fantastic relationship.

The year after he retired, Bill and my mom interviewed 10 Holocaust survivors who were children during the war and wrote a book called Holocaust’s…

Whether remote or freelance: Quick tips for working from home, a cafe, and while traveling.

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When it comes to being a freelancer or working fully remotely, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere. In my job, my boss told all of us that he doesn’t care where we are as long as we are in the daily meeting and get our work done.

But working from anywhere but home can be a challenge.

There are 3 basic levels to working remotely or freelancing. Check out a few tips for each level. And add your own in the comments!

Level One: Working From Home

There is level one, which is working from your own home. You have to get used…

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I should be showering right now. And finishing packing.

But instead, I am here. Writing this down.

I’ve looked forward to this day for over a year.

The day I finally get to fly back home to Florida and see my family and best friends.

I watched, as the rest of the country did, when Florida reopened too soon. When COVID cases spiked again and the disease ran rampant.

I worried about my elderly grandmother (whom I adore) living in a retirement community, at-risk and living on her own. …

Their terrible mobile experience.

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Listen, it’s more than just the fact that in order to actually get to the recipe, I have to scroll through a minimum of 1000 words on why a brisket recipe reminds the writer of her grandmother’s best friend’s orchard on a June afternoon 30 years ago.

Much more.

90% of the time when I am looking up recipes, I am doing so from my phone in the kitchen, ready to start cooking. Maybe I want to just get the measurement for something or need the spices. Or heck, maybe I need the whole recipe.

So, I open the page…

Jyssica Schwartz

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