62+ Open Poetry Submissions & Contests

Magazines, journals, contests, and publishers looking for great (unpublished) poetry!

Jyssica Schwartz
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I know it can be tough to find places to publish your work no matter what kind of writing you do.

I dug into the annals of the internet and found a treasure trove! So, I put it all here in one place for you.

I did this same type of list specifically for short story and poetry submissions and then later for nonfiction and creative nonfiction submissions.

I looked for places that specifically state they accept poetry, though most of them also accept other genres — also listed below.

The first list is for publications, such as magazines, journals, and reviews. The second list is book publishers who are open to short story and poetry submissions for publishing.

All links are to the submission guidelines pages for each publication or publisher.

Publications, Journals, & Magazines

  • Thrush Poetry Journal is a bimonthly publication of “eclectic, moving, surprising” poetry. Publishes in January, march, May, July, September, and November. Submissions are open.
  • 32 Poems is open for unsolicited submissions year-round. They prefer shorter poems that fit on one page. Submission guidelines.
  • The American Poetry Review, both regular submissions and contests. Guidelines.
  • POETRY Magazine. Submissions reopen on Sept 15, 2022. Guidelines.
  • Poet Lore. This is a biannual print journal of poetry, and its tagline is “America’s Oldest Poetry Journal.” Guidelines.
  • Poetry Foundation. Can take up to 8 months for a response. Guidelines.
  • Divot Poetry Journal, can submit 1–6 poems via email. Guidelines.
  • Plants & Poetry Journal. Current submissions call is closed but it will reopen soon. Guidelines.
  • iō Literary Journal. Submission guidelines.
  • Humans of the World Blog. “The mission of our blog is to highlight our similarities as one people in this world. Come share your story, we would love to hear your experience!” Submission



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