37 ACTUALLY Great Valentine’s Gifts for Men

Or anyone, really!

Jyssica Schwartz
9 min readFeb 13


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I’m sure you’ve seen the same whiskey glasses, whiskey stones, fancy alcohol, spice challenge pack, new wallet, and multi-tool pens on every gift list for men for every holiday.

Or, on the other end of the spectrum, extremely expensive furniture or tech, like a new 80-inch TV.

Now, I think I have 100% proven that I can give you better ideas than THOSE. I put together a list of 50 things for the holidays, and I freaking stand by it. They were awesome picks (see it below).

Personally, I love giving gifts that have both form AND function.

Below is a list of gifts I’ve given, gotten, or want — and they are fantastic. And, of course, not the same old list of electronics and whiskey stones.

I decided not to include gift cards on this list at all. You know your partner’s favorite stores — this list is for those who want ideas that go beyond that. (There is nothing wrong with gift cards! This is just for more ideas.)

As a note, NONE of the links in this post is an affiliate — this is just a guide I put together and ideas from years of living with and loving a hard-to-buy-for husband. Also, I really love buying gifts for people.

Drink-Related Gifts

  • Is your partner really into coffee? A nice gift would be a collection of stuff, like a French press, a coffee bean grinder (aka spice grinder), and a bag of fancy coffee beans. You can get a good French press for $20.
  • Maybe they prefer tea. My husband loves tea, and I recently got him this specific loose-leaf tea-making thing from Ukiyo as part of his Christmas gift. It has a strainer in the screw-top and makes cleaning up loose tea super easy. He uses it a lot and really likes how sleek and easy it is. (If you buy 2, you get a free bag of loose-leaf tea, which he, unfortunately, did not like.)
  • Whether it’s coffee, tea, or another hot beverage, some people…



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