3 More Ways To Market Your Book (for sales)

As opposed to using your book as a marketing tool.

Even if you plan to use your book mainly as a marketing tool, it can behoove you to also market your book for sales, especially at first. Whether you plan to do this kind of marketing long-term or not, having plans and ideas for selling your book is a good thing and one which can initially extend your reach and generate exposure for your book.

Here are 3 ways you can create buzz around your book and drive sales.

Create a Facebook Group

One way to market your book is to create a Facebook group or page specifically for your book while you’re still writing it. Invite people to it and use it as a place to talk about the writing process, start conversations with readers, and even involve the group members with things like voting on a cover design or asking for help with subtitles.

This creates a community of people who have followed your writing journey and who feel invested in the process, and many of them will purchase your book once it’s available. Your group is also a great place to find beta readers and reviewers.

Ask For Reviews

After you have published your book, you’ll want to get the word out to people and try to sell it.

One thing you’ll want to do as soon as your book is uploaded but before you do an official “launch” or release, is get reviews for your book. This specifically pertains to Amazon, as having reviews does several things for you, including raising you in the search rankings and helping potential buyers know more about it. Buyers these days often choose whether to make a purchase based on the reviews.

To get reviews, ask people in your network and/or in book and reading groups you are in if anyone would be interested in a free copy of your book in exchange for an honest review. When people say yes, email them an electronic copy of your book as a PDF (so the formatting can’t change or look weird) and include a link to the Amazon page to leave the review. Make sure to give them a deadline when you ask.

You can also reach out to Amazon’s “Top Reviewers” who have reviewed books in your genre and offer them a free copy of your book.

Just to manage your expectations: When asking for reviews, you may get 50 or more people who say yes but only 10–15 reviews. That’s completely normal. Sometimes people forget or get busy, but it’s rare-to-never that every person who says yes will leave you a review online.

You’ll get more reviews after launching your book and new people find and read it.

When I say “launch,” what I am referring to is whatever date you choose to announce your new book is out. You’ll want a few days in between uploading your book and officially launching it to give yourself time to get reviews on the page, put together ads and other marketing plans, create your email with the announcement, add the book to your website with a live link, and more. Having a specific launch date also allows you to do targeted ads on social media or set up ads on book promotion sites to start on a specific date (rather than to have them staggered), which drives traffic to your book ON your launch day.

Book Promotion Sites/Groups

Another way to promote and market your book is to post it on book promotion websites. These are sites that will advertise your book for you, either for a specific set of dates or even forever, depending on the type of ad you want to do.

There are tons of book promo sites out there. Some of them will have free options for advertising on their site and others charge a fee. Some of the book promo sites are specifically for discounted books, such as if you do a promotional price of $0.99 for your book. You’ll have to look into specific sites to see their submission prices and requirements.

The book promo sites have many options, including sending your book ad out in their newsletters, posting a banner ad on their website, posting a temporary ad in the body of their site, and many more.

Here is a starter list of some book promo sites (see Resources for URLs):

  • BookBub
  • Bookzio
  • Reading Deals
  • Robin Reads
  • Fussy Librarian
  • Bargain Booksy
  • Kboards
  • Buck Books

Make sure to do a search online because there are many more out there not listed here, these are just the ones I personally hear about more often.

There are also specific book promotion groups on Facebook and other social platforms, where you can do a purely self-promotional post of your book description, price, and link to the book.

There are SO many ways you can market your book! You don’t want to do everything just one time; marketing your book for sales and exposure is an ongoing process. You’ll likely want to do ads and/or other marketing ideas over time to keep getting the word out to new readers.

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