25+ Free Resources to Keep Your Kids Learning While Quarantined

A list of educational websites and apps for your kids to learn from home.

Schools all over the country are closed and kids are at home — and while most of them still have schoolwork sent from their teachers, some do not have enough to DO all day.

I know keeping kids entertained during a quarantine is a challenge.

Last week, I drove to my big brother’s house and stayed for the week playing class monitor for my 10-year-old nephew and 12-year-old niece. My brother and sister-in-law both still HAVE to work out in the world and they needed someone to watch the kiddos. I work from home and adore those kids, so there I went.

While there, they both had some schoolwork from their schools but not enough to completely fill the two 2-hour blocks of classroom time my sister’s schedule called for.

So, I found some resources online.

Many companies are making a ton of educational resources available online for kids stuck at home. I personally checked out several of these and gathered others all here in a convenient list for you.

Check out some of these awesome educational — and fun! — sites and apps to learn new things about animals and space and also to reinforce math and science concepts.

This list has resources appropriate for pre-K kids through high school.

25 FREE Educational Resources for Kids:

  • Here is a Google doc with TONS of cool stuff for different grades and subjects and interests. This document even has links to the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, the Smithsonian Learning Lab, and more.
  • Khan Academy is offering free resources and even free daily schedules for kids ages 2–18 for parents to set up a learning schedule at home for their child. They also offer courses in almost every subject PLUS test prep courses. These are all free and KA is a non-profit.
  • Scholastic has daily videos, stories, games, and lessons for every grade level.
  • For younger kids, check out Sesame Street’s website with learning videos and clips of the show and PBS Kids learning section (both always free). Specifically for ages 2–8, ABC Mouse has comprehensive learning and has a 30-day free trial to try it out before going to $7.95 per month.
  • CoolMath has math games for ages 13 and up, including pre-algebra, algebra, and pre-calculus games, and has CoolMath4Kids for ages 3–12.
  • TIME and National Geographic both have kids sites with articles, videos, and more. TIME Kids has kid-friendly articles on many important topics and NatGeo Kids has amazing interactive science experiments and video feeds from zoos around the world.
  • NASA Kids Club has videos, games, and more to teach kids about space exploration and the space station and more.
  • BrainPOP has animated videos to teach kids about history, science, health, engineering, and more — all for free during the school closures.
  • How Stuff Works has articles teaching kids (and adults, too!) all about how the world around us works, plus they have games and videos, too.
  • Explore has live webcams of animals all over the world! It’s really, really cool.
  • Starfall has lessons and games for pre-K through 3rd grade learners.
  • Prodigy is a free site teaching grades 1–8 math.
  • Mystery Science has made their most popular science lessons completely free, even without an account, for K-5.
  • Artsology has fun art games, challenges, and articles for kids of all ages.
  • Kids can play virtual music on Virtual Musical Instruments like guitar, piano, and drums, using just a computer. Another music site is Sight Reading Factory, which teaches kids to practice reading music for free now through June 30.
  • For kids who want to learn to cook, America’s Test Kitchen teaches kids how to measure ingredients, read recipes, and make kid-friendly recipes and they separate their lessons out by week.
  • Century is usually a subscription model but has made their learning free during this time of quarantine. It has lessons in math, science, and reading.
  • BreakoutEDU has a bunch of free online learning games separated by grade level.
  • CK-12 Foundation has free math, science, and reading lessons, including articles and videos with review questions at the end.
  • HippoCampus is for grades 6–12 with over 7,000 videos over 13 subject areas, like math, biology, English, History, Sociology, and more.
  • If your kid is into Minecraft, there is Minecraft: Education Edition to teach kids about problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity. It also has lessons in STEM and challenges.
  • There are also many apps kids can download onto phones and tablets for learning, such as Duolingo for language lessons, Touchable Earth for ages 8–11, Epic! is a reading app with over 35,000 children’s books for ages 12 and under and has a free 30-day trial, Lightbot: Code Hour is a beginner coding app for kids interested in computer programming, BrainPop also has an app, as does Nick Jr. and PBS Kids.

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