20 Important Skills Every Woman Should Have

Honestly, every person.

Jyssica Schwartz


I saw this post by Growth Lodge in the Illumination publication and wanted to say that while I don’t think that is a full list, I do think it is interesting to see that perspective. And it had some great points!

So, I wanted to make a similar list for women. I present to you, 20 skills every woman should know.

There is no age limit on these skills, as I know that as we grow and change and evolve, so do our skills.

These 20 skills are from my own experiences and those of friends and family, as well as from my experience listening to others. They are in no particular order.

The three that have asterisks (4, 5, & 11) are skills that I borrowed from the above-linked article, as I think those are for all people, though the descriptions are my own.

1. The ability to say no — and not feel guilty.

It is human nature to feel guilty for turning people down — but you need to stop apologizing (see #9) and learn to stop feeling guilty for things that aren’t your fault.

For example, if you have the type of family that always says “family comes first” and expects you to take that to the extreme — putting their own comfort and wants over YOUR needs, then it’s time to say NO.

“No, I won’t let my brother move in with me.”

“No, I can’t see you this weekend, we have plans.”

“No, I am not available.”

This counts for friends, coworkers, bosses, anyone! They don’t feel bad over-asking, you should allow yourself to live your life and not feel bad for prioritizing you (and your family) over others.

YOU are your own best advocate. No one in the world will EVER have YOUR best interests at top of mind as you do. Not your boss, not HR, sometimes not the people around you.



Jyssica Schwartz

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